5 services offered by tree service specialists

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Maintaining your garden can be a costly and time-consuming process. A tree service specialist may be able to help. Aside from cutting down fallen trees, tree service specialists can assist with a wide range of duties relating to your outdoor space. Whether your lawn needs a bit of tender loving care or a tree is blocking your driveway, continue reading to find out how a tree service specialist can bring your garden back to life today.

1. Tree removal 

Perhaps the most obvious duty of a tree service specialist is to remove dead or fallen trees. If a tree has collapsed and damaged your vehicle or is blocking a major road, a tree service specialist may be required to treat and remove the tree causing the obstruction. Trees have also been known to fall on houses or power lines, causing a considerable degree of damage that can cost an arm and a leg to repair.

2. Pruning and trimming 

Trained in all aspects of arboriculture, tree service specialists can also prune and trim any overgrown tree branches. This can prevent the onset of any pest infestations and improve the overall appearance of the tree. Trees also require regular pruning if they are located near your home or any outdoor building. Pruning and trimming on a regular basis can reshape your trees and remove excess leaves. A Chattanooga tree service company can offer a wide range of pruning and trimming services to ensure your trees always look their best. 

3. Land clearing 

As well as tending to trees, bushes and shrubs, tree service specialists can also clear land to ensure it is construction ready. With access to a wide range of heavy machinery, they can raze large areas of land crammed with thick tree roots and heavy tree stumps in a fraction of the time. A reputable tree service specialist, such as Wysong Tree Service, can carry out partial or complete lot clearings to tackle any stubborn trees, bushes, or grass.

4. General maintenance 

Sometimes your trees just need some love. A tree service specialist can service your trees on a regular basis to ensure they are the focal point of your garden. Their services include watering, trimming, pruning, and even planting new saplings. This can benefit inexperienced gardeners or those with a little less time to spare.

5. Cabling 

Even if your trees appear safe and secure, you can never be too sure. Cabling is the process of tying thick, heavyweight cables around a tree to redirect its path of growth or to stabilise an unsound branch. This creates an additional support system and can counteract damage inflicted by unsafe trees. Cabling is also commonly installed on dying or aging trees to prevent them from falling apart and to prolong their lifespan.  

A tree service specialist can assist with a wide range of services relating to the maintenance and upkeep of your outdoor space. Why not invest in the services of a tree service specialist to spruce up your garden and ensure it continues looking its best. 

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