Switching Out Your Cleaning Products With More Eco-Friendly Options

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As a business owner or business manager, you’re probably aware of the shift in attitude globally to more eco-friendly products and procedures within the business world. There are many ways that you can improve your business’ carbon footprint, and make your business much greener as a result. One area that we often overlook in this department, though, is cleaning solutions. The cleaning products we use affects the environment, especially the chemicals that we all often reach for when cleaning. Until now, there haven’t really been alternatives available, but as our attitude has shifted, so too have the products that are available. 

Why Should You Change To Eco-Friendly Options? 

It’s a fair question to ask, especially considering that we’ve been using chemical cleaning products for so many years. But, just because it’s the way we did it in the past, doesn’t mean we should continue to do things the same way in the future. The chemicals we use for cleaning are harmful to the environment. They’re harmful to us as humans (hence the reason so many require gloves and/or face coverings to be worn whilst using them) and they’re harmful to air quality. Breathing in the chemicals isn’t good for you, so it isn’t good for any plants you have in your business area either. 

Away from that, how we dispose of our cleaning waste affects the environment too. Imagine a mop bucket filled with floor cleaner. That floor cleaner no doubt has chemicals in it that are harmful. Pouring that into a drain after cleaning could have devastating consequences to wildlife who come across it. Now, the waste water companies are supposed to deal with that so none of these harsh chemicals should find their way into rivers etc for wildlife to come into contact with them, but you need only look at the news to see that mistakes and accidents happen, and all too often waste water does find its way into our natural waters. 

It might be easy to dismiss this as a problem for the waste water companies, but to shirk responsibility as a business owner is a poor choice, especially when so many customers would expect a business to do all they could to prevent this. And what’s the best way of preventing these sorts of problems? By cutting it off at the source, of course, and that can be done with some simple switches to eco-friendly cleaning products!

What Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Are Available?

There are products available that you can switch your typical cleaning products for. For example, you can find natural floor cleaners to add to your mop buckets, or natural sprays you can use to wipe down any surfaces. But one of the best cleaning solutions right now is Mobile UVC Light Cleaning. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s a cleaning solution that doesn’t involve any chemicals at all. Instead, it relies on UVC light to kill bacteria. So many people think this sounds impossible, but it’s actually incredibly effective. In fact, companies such as VIOA have specifically designed the product for commercial retailers, business owners, and healthcare premises, so the standard that they meet has to be incredibly high. 

If there’s a cleaning solution that uses no chemicals, is kinder to the environment, and is more eco-friendly, then why shouldn’t you use it? Your customers will appreciate your efforts more, as will your employees, so there really is nothing to lose by trying out a cleaning solution like Mobile UVC Light Cleaning. 

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