Top 5 Sustainable Interior Design Styles

Interior design is a constantly evolving subject, every year brings new trends and design options to keep your home looking and feeling as stylish as you are. With the current interior home trends focused strongly on earth-friendly and sustainable choices, you might feel like it is time to update the style of your home’s interior. Here are 5 great interior design styles that lovingly embrace all things eco-friendly and sustainable:

  1. Scandinavian

Scandinavian interior design not only embraces sustainable style but also celebrates it. This interior design style, by its very nature, wholeheartedly encourages minimalist style options by keeping the clutter at bay. This simply means that you choose less because we all know that less is more. Keep your surfaces clear and your furniture choices sleek and stylish. Choose the Scandi design style by opting for simple furniture and décor items. This design style is an easy and trendy way to embrace being green.

  1. Organic

Organic design style celebrates all things sustainable by encouraging you to choose natural materials that are available in abundance and create the smallest carbon footprint possible. Choose furniture materials made out of bamboo, grasses, and wood to keep your home as eco-friendly as you are. Browse the options available from eco-friendly furniture stores to ensure your home is furnished as sustainably as possible.

  1. Botanical

This interior design style is more about empowering yourself through your choice of interior décor items. Honor the earth by choosing beautiful, leafy plants to display in and around your home. Indoor plants enhance the appearance of your interior design space and they also boost your mood by increasing your creativity. Plants are also a fantastic sustainable way of eliminating air pollutants so this interior décor trend doesn’t just look good – it will also make you and your family happier and healthier too.

  1. Up-Cycled

This interior design style may conjure up terrifying images of poorly constructed DIY projects but it doesn’t have to be that way. This sustainable design style centers on the idea of choosing to reuse or repurpose old furniture by breathing new life into it instead of just throwing them away. Upcycling furniture isn’t just about restoring old pieces though; it is about finding new ways to use old items. Before you throw away any item, first think about clever ways you could use that item in your home – like old tins, glass bottles, or wooden trays. These pieces, and others, can be reused and repurposed in many ways around the home.

  1. Bohemian

The bohemian design style is defined by its lack of structure; you can instead opt for relaxed and carefree interior choices. To perfect this design style, choose patterns, textures, and materials that encompass all things chilled and peaceful. Keep things personal and eco-friendly by trading furniture pieces with your friends and family instead of buying new pieces. This vibrant design style can be mixed in with almost any other design style to create a beautiful blend of the two. Opt for handmade and natural décor pieces around your home to effectively display this design style in your home.

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