How to make your home renovation a green one

We’re not quite out of the woods with the Covid-19 pandemic, so there’s still time to work on that house renovation with your extra hours spent at home. With more people becoming increasingly concerned about being eco-friendly, here’s how you can make your renovation greener.

Green is trending

Green redecorating is fast making its appearance in many modern homes, with eco-friendly toilets seeing a rise in purchases. Toilets without rims and dual flush plates have seen a 189% rise in 2020, meaning that significantly less water is used with every flush.

People are also trying to reuse as much as possible and upcycle furniture that still has lots of life left but looks a little dated. This is to produce less waste as an economy.

Financing your renovation

Home renovations can often be quite costly, so it’s important that you think carefully about how much you have and want to spend on it.

Try putting aside some wages each month to fund your renovation. As there’s still not much joy for holidays abroad, you could use this year’s holiday fund to put towards redecorating your home.

Also, try looking in charity shops and on discounted wholesale websites as you can find perfectly good furniture and decorative items to work with.

If you’re set on doing a major overhaul to get your home as green as it can be, consider low interest financial options that could help you along the way.

How to go green

Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to be difficult! You can start with just a few simple steps to get going such as:

Ensuring you have great insulation
By upgrading the insulation in your home you’ll be able to trap heat in for longer, meaning that you won’t have to constantly have the heating on causing your gas and electric bills to skyrocket and also causing damage to the planet.

You can use a range of materials such as sheep’s wool or expanding foam to insulate your loft or wall cavities and it could save you a heap of money in the long run.

Get good windows

You can also insulate your home and lock in heat by improving your windows. Choose either double or triple glazed as these will help to retain heat that could be lost from improperly sealed old windows.

Use solar power
Install solar panels on your roof to get natural energy from the sun. This will reduce your electricity bill and create a more sustainable source of power to use. This is great as a back up or simply to adjust your bills slightly if you find yourself spending much more in those winter months.

Reclaim and reuse

Reusing items, such as furniture, bricks, wood, and rubble can cut costs and benefit the environment as many times these products will just go into landfill.

If you can make use of something that someone is throwing away, you’ll be able to give these products a new lease of life. In many cases, they might only need a new lick of paint or revarnishing.

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