Simple Ways to Help the Environment

With the effects of global warming starting to settle, we should become more aware of the carbon footprint we leave behind. And in doing small deeds to help reduce our carbon footprint, we can help slow down the effects of global warming. We only have one Earth which is why we should take better care of our planet. Check out this list of simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


When going grocery shopping, always bring your own eco-bags. With plastic bags being one of the lead contributors to pollution, it would be good to start using eco-bags that are durable and reusable instead of single-use plastic bags that contribute to a larger carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

Plastic bags

If you ever need to use plastic bags, try to find another use for them. In doing this, you can make sure that the plastic bag you used had more than just one use. Also, instead of buying more garbage bags, try to use the leftover plastic bags to save both some money and the environment.

Reusable utensils

Most fast-food restaurants provide single-use plastic utensils. However, you can combat the rampant use of single-use plastics by bringing your own set of utensils. Additionally, using your own eating utensils can be more sanitary than using the plastic ones given at restaurants.


Cleaning up spills and stains can be a chore, and most people gravitate towards using paper towels that would be thrown right away after it’s used just to clean up a spill. Although this may be a convenient way to clean for most people, it is harmful to the environment. So, instead of doing this, you can use rags or cloths to clean up the mess. Then, after doing so, it would be as simple as putting the rag with the rest of your laundry to get ready to clean up another one.


Another way to help reduce carbon footprint is by segregating the garbage and identifying materials that can go for various recycling processes like aluminum recycling and copper recycling. You can also separate your waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash. In doing so, it becomes easier for trash to be recycled. Other than that, biodegradable trash could be used as fertilizer for plants.


Whenever you are about to ask for plastic bags at the checkout of a grocery store, make sure to ask yourself how it affects the environment because, through this simple question, you become more aware of your habits and decisions. Yes, using one plastic bag may seem harmless, but if you think about its long-term effects, the bigger picture starts to come into frame, and one plastic bag doesn’t seem so harmless anymore. The simple act of bringing your own eco-bag can help preserve the environment. There is always another choice or method to help the environment. That’s why we as inhabitants of this planet should be more conscious of the harm we inflict on our homes. 


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