Top 8 PLC manufacturers in the world

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If you are an engineer or a curious person you have probably heard about PLC, trip codes and many more. Maybe you have wondered about the companies that produce PLC the most.

Here is a list of the Top 8 famous PLC manufacturers in the world: 

1. Schneider Electric

It is a leading company when it comes to offering PLCs. In 1968, the first PLC was produced by the company via one of its famous brands named Modicon. Schneider Electric, became a famous company by 1999. The company, which has a market value of $55 billion, hires more than 135000 workers and it makes approximately €27 billion per year. 

 2. Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley 

This American company is one of the biggest companies worldwide in the industrial automation field. Its PLC provides various systems varying from large to small. It has a market value of $25 billion and achieves approximately $7 billion yearly. 


3. Mitsubishi Electric

This company is one of the largest companies owned by Mitsubishi Group. It employs more than 350,000 workers and has a market value of about $28 billion. It is noteworthy to mention the company gained $37 billion during 2017. This is way far from its current market value. It is one of the prominent companies when it comes to manufacturing PLCs. Mitsubishi Electric is located in Japan and owns more than one office globally.

4. Siemens

It owns nearly 40% of the PLC industry. It is found at the top of the list. This German company is the biggest in Europe, with a market value of approximately $124 billion and profits of approximately $60 billion per year. 


5. ABB

A Swiss-Swedish company which is well known for offering new products. It designed the first collaborative robot. It is called the two-armed YuMi. The company is one of the biggest producers of industrial robots. It also offers various PLC systems. ABB has more than 144,000 workers. It has about a market value of $50 billion and owns $28 billion per year. 

6. Honeywell Process

This company is owned by Honeywell International. It is located in the United States and has more than 114,000 employees. Honeywell Process has a market value of $103b billion and makes approximately $42 billion in profits per year. Nowadays, the company competes with famous international large companies such as Google and IBM regarding quantum computing. Honeywell Process provides a wide range of PLCs through a company called ControlEdge.

7. Omron

Founded in1933, the Japanese company offers PLCs along with various products such as industrial robots and sensors. Omron’s PLC provides micro and modular versions. The company, which has the highest number of individual devices hires about 40,000 workers. It has a market value of $14 billion and makes about $8 billion in profits. 

8. B&R Industrial Automation

Founded in 1979, this is a small company located in Austria with more than 190 branches in about 68 countries worldwide. B&R provides many products such as PLCs.

The company employs more than 3,000 people. It made about €620 million in profits during 2016.

B&R is currently owned by ABB.

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