Best 7 Sustainable Apartment Amenities

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The choice to live in an apartment community versus a traditional neighborhood or complex is on the rise. Popularity can be attributed to cost, location, and convenience, however, it’s the features and amenities that apartment communities offer that’s winning people over. Value and quality not only build sustainable apartment living but also enable apartment communities to be stronger and happier.  

Here are some features and amenities that lead to sustainable apartment living. 

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles 

Electric Vehicles continue to become more common, and a forecast done by Investment Bank UBS projects that by the year 2025 20% of all new cars sold will be electric. EV popularity is increasing among young professionals, and on-site charging stations will be an incentive feature to those who think green. 

Quality of Life Apartment Features

The quality-of-life apartment living experience is increasing in demand. Apartment living should be comfortable and convenient, yet elegant, so residents can enjoy the lifestyle they deserve and an apartment community they never want to leave. Such quality-of-life features include washer & dryer sets or connections, kitchen with appliances included, spacious floor plans, and walk-in closets. Some apartment communities even offer dry cleaning and dining services. 

Smart Energy Features 

Energy-efficient apartments are becoming more popular and may soon be the new standard for apartment living. Smart energy features cut down on energy usage, which allows residents to save money from month to month and benefits the environment.

Fitness Facilities 

Weather can make traveling any distance an inconvenience and gym memberships can be expensive. Residents would love the option to have an on-site fitness facility. Regardless of fitness facility size and equipment, the on-site fitness availability allows residents to stay active or even help someone become active, and ultimately lead to overall resident happiness.  

Year-Round Pool 

Having a pool facility of any style is a sustainable feature itself but having a year-round pool facility is a much more beneficial sustainable apartment amenity. This option allows residents with an alternative exercise choice and is great for lounging and spending time outdoors. Furthermore, the apartment community can host social events for residents in this area that can make itself stand out among other apartment communities. 

Unique Entertainment Areas 

Unique entertainment spaces are increasing among apartment communities and people are noticing. Having a clubhouse is a fantastic and convenient space for residents to have a change of scenery and socialize with each other. Most clubhouses include games, workstations, coffee bars, and plenty of comfortable seating. Some communities have gone the extra mile and created a screening room with a free Netflix account for movie nights and that movie theater feeling. 

Pet-Friendly Amenities 

Keep in mind that most people are pet lovers, and pet-friendly apartment communities are in high demand. Amenities such as paths for walking pets with waste stations are perfect additions in welcoming pet lovers. Also, having a “bark park” aids in increasing your reputation and competition by including a dedicated space for pets and their owners. 

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