5 Reasons a Solar Panel Inverter Is So Important

A solar panel inverter works harder than any other photovoltaic component. This was a statement issued by solar test lab PV Evolution Labs in their PV Inverter Scorecard.

There are many good arguments that can prove this statement correct. One is to list all the important tasks that the solar inverter handles. This article will do just that.

If you read it, you’ll understand more about what this important component does. This can help you better understand and control your solar power array. 

1. It Converts DC Power to AC Power 

Electricity has two forms. These are direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). You can read a bit more about the differences between the two here.

Most appliances work with DC or AC electricity alone. AC-specific appliances usually need a DC conversion device. This changes DC into AC. 

A solar panel inverter is like this. The solar energy that a solar cell takes in starts as DC and the inverter changes it into AC. That way, AC appliances can run on solar power as well. 

You may believe that an inverter isn’t necessary with a completely DC electrical system. However, inverters can have many other benefits. 

2. It Can Report on Energy Production

Most inverters have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet communication abilities. Owners can then connect their computers up to them through these methods. Then, with certain software programs, they can see how much energy their array is creating.

You may have tried to estimate your savings before and found your actual energy savings are different. Solar panel efficiency could be to blame.

Try setting up a monitoring system with your inverter. You can then fiddle around with a variety of features and learn what works best. 

3. It Maximizes Your Solar Energy Production 

Smart solar panel inverters can also communicate with and monitor your array. There are a few benefits to this. One is that inverters can better your array’s production level.

It does this by monitoring the optimal voltage of the system. With this information, it can maximize the power at which the solar panels operate. This helps the system produce cleaner energy. 

4. It Detects Faults 

Electrical arcs or ground faults can form in your solar array. This is especially common when the solar array is old and/or damaged. 

An inverter can detect these issues. It can then shut down and protect the rest of your system. This means that your house’s electrical system won’t get damaged. 

5. It Controls Power Grid Flow

Inverters can divert energy into the power grid. This can help you earn net energy credits. If you don’t want this to happen, inverters can stop power from flowing into the grid. 

Solar Panel Inverters Are a Good Investment

Keep in mind that some of these features only exist in more expensive solar panel inverters. Still, good inverters save you tons on energy costs. In the end, this can cancel out the initial price.

If you’re interested in going green, be sure to check out our hundreds of other articles. They’ll tell you all about the latest eco-friendly technologies and strategies.

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