5 Highest Paying Careers in the Sustainable Environment Field

Sustainability and environment are two terms most of us have heard many times over the recent years. The media has pushed a lot of focus on the issues of climate change and the earth’s resources. Pollution and overconsumption are global problems that are not going away unless we head to a more sustainable direction in our lifestyles. 

In this article, we’ve collected and listed the most high-paying jobs in the sustainable environment field. So, for our readers who have a keen interest in such a relevant sector, please do read along. However, job seekers must have a CV at their disposal when navigating the market. But, we’ve come prepared.

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Overview: Environmental Sustainability 

Job seekers who want a career in the Sustainable Environment Field must grasp its main concepts first. 

So, what is it about? It’s an interdisciplinary field that integrates the social sciences, environmental sciences, and civil engineering to counter problems that are happening to our environment on a global scale. 

Such problems as climate change, plastic pollution, and the loss of biodiversity are among its main focuses nowadays.

The aim is to come up with solutions that can counter the harm done to our environment. Jobs in this field are rising in popularity. Sadly, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Our earth’s resources are being mishandled and abused while the atmosphere suffers from poor waste management. So, the applicants who want to help in solving this large-scale problem should definitely pursue a career in this sector.


  1. Chief Sustainability Executives 

            (Average Annual Income: Around $166,910)

This high-paying executive position needs to be filled by a professional who is capable of envisioning sustainability initiatives and ideas and executing them. They lead the organization. 

The title position varies depending on the organization, so there’s no fixed career name for this particular position. This position comes with great responsibility — evidently. But it also comes with a huge amount of power. For those who are interested in obtaining such a position, the road ahead might be long. 

  1. Solar Energy Consultant

           (Average Annual Income: Around $101,218)

Professionals who want to get involved in a career as a solar energy consultant must be knowledgeable in solar energy tech. The primary duty of this job is to convince the buyers that renewable energy sources must be our future and find fitting solutions for any scale.

Meeting clients, discussing products in-depth, and helping customers determine which product they want to buy are all primary tasks for a Solar Energy Consultant.

Applicants typically need to have a degree in Sustainability studies or a degree in Renewable Energy Management. Most employers desire an applicant who’s had some years of work experience, just like any other field. It is a high-paying job, and it promotes a sustainable source of energy. Not at all shabby.

  1. Environmental Lawyer 

           (Average Annual Income: Around $120,910)

Environmental lawyers are reportedly one of the highest-paid jobs in the field of environmental sustainability. However, it’s not an easy job since you will fight against the biggest corporations of today.

Those who want to apply for this position must be ready to shoulder many responsibilities. Research, negotiation, gathering evidence, representing businesses and people are just a few of the tasks. Their primary focus is on environmental rights.

This job requires applicants to have a degree in Environmental Law or a degree in Environmental Justice and Social Change. Of course, all applicants must have the certification of passing the bar after law school.

  1. Environmental Engineer

           (Average Annual Income: Around $87,620)

For those who want to be employed in a field that crosses environmental studies with engineering, then perhaps being an Environmental Engineer is an ideal position. The primary task of this type of engineer is to improve the health of the public.

They do so by overseeing the present pollution control policies, as well as waste policies. It’s an important job with big responsibilities. Applicants must typically have a degree in engineering or in Environmental Science And Climate Change. 

Other tasks that come with the job might include critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, testing air quality, testing water resources, and checking if industrial equipment is safe to use. This job is perfect for tech geeks who care about the footprint we leave on our planet.

  1. Hydraulic Engineer

           (Average Annual Income: Around $95,864)

Don’t get bogged down by the position title; the profession is uncommon but interesting. This niche job is tasked to design systems and create products that basically help waterways. Think canals, sewage systems, and the likes.

Hydraulic Engineers must also work with other professionals to find the best methods to execute and implement their brilliant ideas and designs. Applicants are typically required to have a degree in Hydraulic Engineering. It is quite a well-paying job. But, in addition to a handsome salary, professionals in this field are helping entire cities and neighborhoods by coming to their job every morning. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope these figures have cleared up some doubts for some readers. We hope to encourage you to follow a career in Environmental Sustainability as it is a field that needs more motivated professionals. By having a job in this field, you are pursuing a noble career that helps shape a better future for the present generation and the ones to come. 

The problems in this sector require no small feat, but they must be addressed to ensure the survival of humanity. Take this article as a source of encouragement to pursue a career in such a noble field.

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