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We all like the rainy season whenever it comes as it feels chill in the air and the weather becomes cloudy. When it rains, it feels so good, and we all want it to stay like this forever. But do you ever think about if the rain pours continuously, then what will happen? How can it affect us?

It will affect our living place, our home, or our companies. Why?

Because the rains pour continuously or pour hard water, it can directly affect our roofs, and it won’t be suitable for your roof if it starts leaking. This is where the real deal comes. A leak in the roof can make its way through the entire premises, where it can lead to severe problems and damage the structure, just as water damage Wheeling.

Why is the repair of the roof needed, or time to time inspection of the roof is necessary?

So, let’s see what can happen if we do not make the repairs of leaky roofs or inspected roofs from time to time:

1. Insulation Damage and Fire Hazards

As the water gets in the walls of your home, it can directly affect the wiring in it and can lead to short circuits or fire due to short courses, which can be very dangerous. If one has an HVAC system, the water can directly affect the system and cause problems.

2. Walls

A roof leak can lead to severe mold and mildew problems. This problem can be challenging to solve as one can’t tell surely from where the problem has arisen.

3.Slippery Floor

A slippery floor is everyone’s nightmare, and a roof leak can turn that nightmare into reality as the water leaks from roofs in a particular region can lead to slippery floors.

4. Danger to the structure of a home

As the water flows through walls and roofs, it can weaken the structure and lead to damage or destruction if neglected.

So, this type of damage can cause roof leaks to your home or your premises. There are many ways in which this can be prevented, but first, we need to understand how this problem is caused or the reasons or factors that lead to roof leaks.

Premises Causes:

  • Cracks on slabs either on the bottom or top due to improper design.
  • The material used for construction is relatively poor.
  • Honeycombing in the concrete due to nasty mixture of materials used.
  • There is a thin layer of cement on the roof due to more water being used in the cement.
  • Neglected the gap between expansion joints.

Non-Premises/ after construction causes:

  • If the quality is poor during the construction of premises, then it can lead to roof leaks.
  • In case of blockage of gutters, the roof can witness leakage.
  • During the roof’s construction, if the waterproofing is not done well, it can be one of the significant factors that can cause roof leakage during rain.
  • Breakage in walls or roof for installation of air conditioners

So how to fix these damages or leaks on the roof so that future problems can be prevented?

The best way to fix these problems is to call a water damage professional, Wheeling. They will inspect and work accordingly to avoid future problems.

If there are minor problems and if you think you can solve them by themselves, then:

  • You should check the leakage area and fix or close it with silicone caulk or a layer of cement using waterproofing agents.
  • If the roof area is inclined or steep, apply a thick or sticky layer of silicon or cement not to run down and use a plastic sheet before fixing the roof to keep the moisture out.
  • If there is a hole in the roof, fill it with cement and if you are not familiar with the working or making of materials, then follow manufacturers’ guidelines to make things good.
  • Use waterproofing agents with cement or any other material to prevent such further leakages.

It is not always crucial that roof leakage happens because the water is coming through a particular point but from the neglected place.

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