Why hire a restoration company over a construction company for water damage

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Water damage to your house or company can happen at any time. Flooding, storm breaks, leaking pipes, seepage from underground, and damaged roofs and gutters are all common causes of water damage. Water in your home can have various negative consequences, including an ideal environment for germs and mold to thrive. As a result, you must hire skilled water damage services as quickly as possible to deal with the problem and execute any necessary mitigation.

If you’re uncertain whether to engage a restoration company or a construction company to handle water damage Raleigh, in that case, this article will explain why you should hire a restoration company rather than a construction company.

Benefits of hiring a restoration company over a construction company 

Fast Water Extraction and Reduced Drying Time

A skilled water damage restoration company will have the appropriate knowledge and equipment to immediately remove any standing water, extract excess water from carpets and furniture, and begin the drying process. 

On the other hand, the construction company will investigate the situation step by step, which will take a long time. 

Restoration Professionals Are Experienced

Restoration technicians require a great deal of knowledge and abilities, which you can only acquire via experience and training. If they’ve been in the business for a long time, they’ve worked with the same problems numerous times. 

They’ve also had a lot of hands-on experience with different repair methods, tools, and potentially dangerous situations. On the other hand, the construction company can assist you in cleaning, but they aren’t experienced enough in the restoration process.

Restoration Professionals are Versatile

Restoration professionals are well-versed in damage, including those caused by natural disasters, water, storm, flood, and related damages. They can restore your other valuables, such as antiques, heirlooms, and other precious artifacts, clear up the mess, and repair damaged furniture. Construction firms are not well aware of the damage caused by water as they are more involved in the building process than the restoration one.

Reduce Total Losses and Restoration Costs

Employing a water damage repair specialist as soon as feasible after water damage might drastically lower your total losses and cleanup and restoration costs. While it may seem counterintuitive, keep in mind that the sooner the water is removed and the place is dried, the minor damage will be done.

Expert Guidance

It is feasible to deal with a water damage emergency on your own, but this is a formula for disaster. Having the assistance of a professional ensures that the job is completed correctly and that no significant long-term complications arise. After flooding, you’ll need a complete cleanup strategy, which a professional water damage restoration business can provide.

Eliminate Health Concerns

There may be potentially hazardous bacteria or microbes present, depending on the source of the water damage, which might produce adverse health effects. Qualified water damage repair professionals will be able to recognize potential threats in water and remove the damage safely. 

The construction company lacks behind since they don’t have the necessary equipment to keep themselves safe during the cleaning process.

Restoration Companies Work with Insurance Companies

It is always cheaper to employ restoration companies than to do it yourself if you have home insurance for the restoration. Restoration businesses assess the damage and guarantee that it is reported to your insurance company. 

They will also estimate the total cost of the damage and negotiate with your insurance company. On the other hand, the construction company cannot provide this benefit due to limited contacts in this field.

Final thoughts

We hope you understand why one should prefer a restoration company over a construction company for water damage. A professional water damage restoration business can also relieve the stress of dealing with homeowners’ insurance companies and ensuring that the cleanup and restoration operations are done appropriately.

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