Key to Planning a Sustainable Island Wedding

Whether planning a small beach wedding in Turks and Caicos or eloping to the bluffs of Ireland, an island wedding is probably the most eco-friendly location for your nuptials. An island wedding also offers you plenty of opportunities to be as sustainable as possible while enjoying all the beauty and fun of getting married. There are many ways to make your island wedding sustainable, but some things are easier than others. If you want to make sure your special day has less of an impact on the environment, read on for some helpful tips.

1. Make your wedding invitation as eco-friendly as possible

Eco-friendly wedding invitations are an excellent way to go green and show your guests that you care about the environment. Look for paper made from 100% renewable sources and use biodegradable materials like soy-based inks, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Eco-friendly invitations can also save you money by reducing printing costs. If printing is your only option, you can use a laser printer rather than an inkjet printer when printing invitations. This way, you won’t have wasted valuable ink on something like envelopes where it may go unseen. Most businesses use laser printers – you just need to request them.

2. Choose local, organic food and drinks for your luncheon and banquet

In choosing organic food and drinks for your wedding, you are making a statement about the world you want to live in. Food grown locally is often fresher, more nutritious, and better for the environment. It can also be more affordable than imported food from faraway places. Not only does buying local help build community by supporting farmers and small businesses in your area, but it also supports the local ecosystem by keeping carbon emissions low.

3. Look into hiring a local wedding planner who can get everything set up and running as smoothly as possible

Hiring a wedding planner in the locale can be one of the best investments you make in your wedding. A good planner will get you off the hook for all the small details, so you can focus on things like picking out flowers and getting ready with your bridesmaids. They’ll also take care of logistical planning like reserving tables at restaurants, organizing transportation and other services, and helping you create a timeline to keep everything running smoothly on the big day. Plus, they’ll be able to offer advice on finding local vendors who are environmentally friendly or sustainable, which is something that might not occur to you if this is your first experience planning an event like this—but it should!

4. If possible, use solar energy to power the event

Using solar energy to power the event can be as simple as choosing solar lighting, or you can get more creative. Select things like food preparation, music, and transportation that run on solar power. You can even select a venue where everything is powered by the sun!

5. Pair down décor to reduce your ecological footprint

An easy way to reduce your ecological footprint is by paring down on décor, especially if you’re planning a destination or small venue wedding and don’t have much control over what happens on-site. Here are some ideas for reducing your environmental impact:

  • Use natural materials like flowers, herbs and branches from trees instead of artificial arrangements
  • Use recycled paper products such as napkins and tablecloths made from 100% post-consumer waste paper (PCW)


Planning a sustainable island wedding is a great way to celebrate your love without impacting the environment too much; it’s also fun!  

Be sure to do your research before booking your island wedding venue. You will also want to ensure that your venue’s commitment to sustainability is clear. It is also important to remember that sustainable island weddings are not necessarily a “green” option. While it might sound like it, a sustainable island wedding does not necessarily mean that it has to be all-vegan, all-organic, or even all-local. This concept aims to find a way for you and your significant other to have an environmentally conscious dream wedding.

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