How to Make Buying Batteries For Your Business Sustainable

If you work within industries that require a lot of battery-operated equipment then you’ll know how important having the right batteries on hand is. Industries such as IT, security, TV & film, and many more all rely on having high quality batteries to power up their equipment. 

However, buying all these batteries can come at a cost not just to your business, but to the environment too. But, there are quick and simple ways to become more sustainable when it comes to buying batteries. BuyaBattery has given us some tips that we’ve put together in this list below. 

Start bulk buying 

Bulk buying your batteries is a great way to not only save money, but save on packaging too. If you need a certain amount of batteries to last. Bulk buying is a fantastic option. Many battery distributors offer a variety of quantities to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a quicker, easier, and much more sustainable way to start purchasing your batteries then bulk buying is definitely for you. There are so many advantages to buying in bulk if you work for a business that relies on battery operated equipment. 

Buy long-lasting batteries

Another top tip to improve your sustainability when it comes to buying batteries is to buy long lasting ones. Long lasting batteries will last a lot longer than your usual standard batteries. With longer battery life, you won’t have to keep replacing them in your equipment. High drain devices such as cameras especially will benefit from longer lasting batteries. 

If your business is reliant on batteries, you should make sure you purchase high quality, long lasting batteries that you can trust and won’t leave you buying constantly more and more.

Buy batteries that come in plastic-free packaging 

Did you know that some batteries come in plastic-free packaging? With some companies becoming much more eco-friendly in recent times, their batters now come in recyclable packaging. This is great for the environment, as plastic packaging generates a lot of harm to our planet. If your business purchases batteries, why not consider buying ones with plastic free packaging? It’s a great step to becoming more sustainable.

Consider buying batteries that are made with more sustainable metal

Li-ion and NiMH batteries are two kinds of batteries that are eco-friendly. They are better for the environment than their NiCd counterparts however, they come with their disadvantages too. If you’re looking for a sustainable battery however, it’s better to give NiCd’s a miss, and look for other options such as Li-ion and NiMH. 

Buy rechargeable batteries 

Our final tip on how to purchase more sustainable batteries for your business is buying rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment than disposable ones as you get much more use out of them for longer. Single-use batteries can harm the environment if you go through a lot of them. Whereas rechargeable batteries can last and avoid you from buying far more batteries than necessary. Not to mention you save some money too! 

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