Unrivaled Versatility: 5 Creative Ways To Use an Ottoman

People have numerous pieces of furniture and accessories to choose from these days. With so many options, some of the old classics often get overlooked. That’s certainly the case with ottomans. Though they were originally designed as comfortable places for propping up your feet, they don’t necessarily have to be used for their intended purpose. With a little creativity, you can use an ottoman in numerous interesting ways.

1) Ottoman Tables

One possibility is to use an ottoman as a table. For this purpose, large ottomans for home use are often the best option. They offer more surface area than their smaller counterparts. You can place an ottoman in front of your sofa to use it as a coffee table. Alternatively, a smaller one can serve as an end table when placed in a corner or near a cozy chair. Consider using serving trays for added stability for drinks and snacks and adding magazines or books to the mix for extra flair.

Larger ottomans can also be used as serving tables. They’re great for serving guests at parties or having a family meal in front of the television on movie night. They’re useful for game nights as well. Imagine your family or guests kicking off their shoes and gathering around an ottoman for a bit of fun and fellowship. It’s the perfect informal setting for a gathering.

2) Extra Seating

Ottomans can also provide extra seating for guests. Find a large plush piece or mix and match smaller ottomans with different colors and textures to add extra appeal to a room. That way, guests can have fun, comfortable places to sit even if your sofa and chairs are full. Whether you’re entertaining children or adults, ottomans are the perfect solution to your seating dilemmas.

3) Home Decor

You can also use an ottoman as a pedestal for home decor. Though the ottoman itself could be considered a decorative piece, it can also give you a place to display other ornamental items. From photographs and paintings to needlepoint and floral arrangements, you can create an entire exhibit using an ottoman. With multiple ottomans of different shapes, sizes, and colors, you can transform an entire room into a showcase.

4) Pet Perches

Another wonderful way to use an ottoman is to make it a pet perch. Soft, cushiony ottomans already have plenty of built-in comfort, but you could also toss your pet’s favorite pillow, bed, or blanket onto the ottoman to make it even more personalized. Keep in mind, your dog or cat only needs to see you rest your feet on the ottoman once or twice before deciding it’s the perfect place to perch. From there, your pet can claim the space as his own and use it to keep watch over his kingdom.

5) Storage Central

There’s more to some ottomans than meets the eye. In fact, their cushiony tops open up to reveal extra storage space. That leaves plenty of room for creativity in its own right. From pet toys and coloring books to magazines and extra blankets, there’s no end to the possibilities. If you enjoy sewing or crafting, you can store essential supplies in an ottoman and use its surface as a workspace.

Making Ottomans Part of Your Home

Ottomans make great footrests, but they’re also incredibly versatile pieces of furniture. With so many sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and patterns on the market, you’re sure to find at least one that suits your tastes. With a little creativity, there’s virtually no end to the possible uses for these multifaceted but often underappreciated pieces of furniture.

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