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In 2009, I thought to himself, “Hey, I think I need to create a blog.” So I did. I started a simple little blog where I posted green things I’d seen and learned and wanted to share.

Well, I’m not much of a prolific writer so when I began to receive guest post requests from real writers I was thrilled. I was receiving guest post and sponsored post requests from all corners of the planet who wanted to write for the blog. These contributors were adding new green perspectives I couldn’t have added on my own. Over these many years I’ve had writers from almost every state of the United States as well as from England, Australia, Slovakia, Korea, India, Thailand and Turkey; to name just a few. That is great! I think that is what makes this blog a great green resource.

In 2013 I had to migrate my old blog to this domain due to technical reasons (i.e. I was being told from my hosting company that the blog was getting too large for my aging and un-upgradable server). I have moved my blog to this new and improved WordPress blog. This blog provides information on a variety of topics including how to be green at school, the office and at home; information on recycling, reducing and reusing; parks; decomposition rates of items when not recycled; composting; planting trees; gardening; plastic identification codes and saving money.

I hope you like this blog. Stay a while, leave a comment and share and learn something.

“The more we know and do, the better we all will be.”

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Thank you very much,
Clay Miller

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