Are Air Filters Environmentally Friendly?

Air filters are the best way to keep you and your HVAC system healthy. They remove the dust, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants that affect your environment. Changing or washing your filter keeps the air around you clean, which in turn takes care of our environment. The question then arises, are the air filters environmentally friendly? Read on to find out what you could be doing to make your air cleaner and pollutant-free.

Washable vs Disposable Filters

With all the different options which choice should you make? Opting for a washable version may seem like the way forward. You know you want to protect the environment, and it seems like a straight forward to wash, dry, and put back. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Well, the cleaning might be. However, if the washable filter isn’t dry, all sorts of bacteria and mold can grow, leading to unclean air. Often the MERV rating on a washable filter may be lower, too. Choosing a washable filter could be doing more harm than good.

Choosing the disposable filter means it’s clean every time and your family is breathing in quality air. Some filters come in a pleated version, which means more dirt and pollutants are trapped before they harm us or our HVAC systems. If you own a pet, the dander is much easier to remove from the disposable than their washable filter. For your disposable filter, go to

Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning all the grime, pet dander, dust, debris of a washable filter can be a difficult task. Begin by reading the instruction manuals to find out how to remove it. Once you have managed to take it out, you need to vacuum inside the HVAC unit, and the washing begins. Fill a bucket with soap and water and scrub the filter until you see no filth left. Once you are happy with the result, hold it up to the light to ensure every ounce of dust and debris are gone. If you see that it is clean, you must now leave it to dry. o not switch on your HVAC until you have placed it back inside.

You could save all that trouble by installing a disposable air filter that is 100% clean, every time. No mess, no hassle, simple, clean, and ready to use. These types of filters guarantee that the filter will catch the debris. Disposable filters come in a wide range of MERV ratings, meaning you’re in control of how filtered you want your air to be. 

Whether you choose disposable or washable, they need to be replaced or cleaned once a month. Schedule the date in your calendar and change your filter on time to maintain clean, fresh air for your environment. 

Better Air Quality for All the Family

Once you have your new filter installed, you will notice much better quality for all members of your household. Your little furry friends are no longer causing your air to be contaminated as all the dander is filtered. You will begin to notice you are sleeping better, more energized, and ready for life’s challenges. You will feel much healthier without even changing your diet.