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Jan 16

Top 3 Green Anarchism Ideas to Implement in 21st Century

In this modern world, there is a serious threat from the effects of climate change, more extreme weather is occurring due to our climate changing in ways that we can’t imagine. Soon, we will all have to cut our carbon footprint significantly in order to try and turn the tide on this process. However many …

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Jun 14

Who is Climate Change Going to Affect Most?

Climate change is clearly a global problem. But its impact is not quite that indiscriminate- it affects some places more drastically than others. Low-lying areas are particularly susceptible to the floods wrought by rising sea-levels, whilst tropical cyclones are set to become an ever more frequent threat to locations perched precariously on the edge of …

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Sep 28

Humanities Plastic Addition: Saving Our Ocean

Plastic is having a devastating effect on our oceans, our wildlife and ultimately on us as a human species. The introduction of plastic in the 20th century has led us to become increasingly reliant on its use and now a large percentage of almost everything we buy contains plastic. However, while we are happy to …

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Jul 22

12 Tips for Combating Climate Change in the City

Worried about the environment? Concerned about climate change? These are huge issues. What can a one person do? A lot. Take action to tackle environmental problems and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, even if you’re on the 12th floor of a city high rise. Many small steps from many people add up. Water, Water Everywhere …

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Feb 24

7 Ways Climate Change Is Affecting the Oceans

When thinking about climate change, it’s easy to focus on how changes in the environment will affect the land around you. After all, you rely on it to provide your food, and you may also be concerned about more severe weather events disrupting life in your region. However, climate change also has an incredible impact …

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Jul 10

Infographic: Natural Disasters – Can We Help?

It’s unfortunate how often we hear about the impact of natural disasters and the massive number of lives lost. People often feel helpless in the aftermath, and as death tolls rise, it is seen as something that we couldn’t do anything about. The millions of lives lost as a result of natural disasters is incredibly …

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Mar 26

Climate Change and Its Impact on Coffee Production

People who trivialise climate change and believe it won’t have an impact on their comfortable western lifestyle may be in for a shock – global warming is having a very palpable effect on the cost and quality of coffee. Consumers all over the world, who benefit from the 2 billion cups of coffee made available …

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Oct 08

The Ways to Go Green at Home

The term “climate change” is now one of the decade’s biggest buzzwords. The discussions are all over the place, from the gatherings of the world’s greatest minds to the homes of everyday working people. With this, it seems that everyone is striving to go green at home and in the office. If you want to …

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Dec 04

Modern Renewable Energy Solution from Plastics

Recent calamities have created havoc and devastation to developed and developing countries alike. Thousands and thousands of lives have been taken; billions of dollars of properties have been destroyed. We are aware of these events; however, we choose to turn a blind eye to the cause of these drastic changes. Climate change is real, and …

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Oct 18

How Can the UK be Greener?

There are countless charts and tables that index the quality of a nation’s green policies, what they may do in the future, and how badly they’ve done in the past, but one of the biggest is the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), last conducted in 2012. This index looks at everything from carbon emissions to climate …

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Sep 23

How Climate Change is Directly Impacting Public Health

You don’t need an expert to tell you that changes in the weather can pose a serious threat to your health, but what about changes that turn out to be permanent? As the population ages, public health officials are growing more and more concerned with the effects of global warming on humanity’s health and welfare …

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