Epica 1.3 Gallon Compost Bin
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Best Indoor Compost Bin For Your Home

Once you are done with all the waste after cooking your food, you may wonder how best to dispose it. The best eco-friendly thing to do today would be to compost it. There are many benefit of composting your food...


Is Your Home Green Enough?

The trend towards going eco-friendly continues in America, reflected by the growth in electric vehicles, green jobs and diversified energy usage. In the housing market, too, realtors are being pushed towards green housing, with one survey in USA Today finding...

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5 Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

Eco-friendly products have minimal harmful effects on the natural environment. Today, organic products have become more popular among homeowners. People are more conscious of their environment and health conditions. Companies also use eco-friendly production processes and materials to manufacture green...


4 Ways to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle in your kitchen does not require a complete remodel. Simple tasks such as introducing a small herb garden to your windowsill or composting food scraps will make your kitchen greener. Here are four ways to...

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