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Jun 20

Ecotourism – Explore Unknown Places with the Spirit of Kindness and Curiosity

Ecotourism can be defined as different responsible travel practices with certain sets of ideas in mind. If you are an eco-tourist, then you will travel in a way that clearly shows respect to the mother nature and under circumstance degrade it. In order words, ecotourism is also a part of environmental conservation. Importance of Ecotourism …

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May 16

How to Efficiently Save Water in Your Bathroom

Water is a precious commodity for the survival of all living beings. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the resources that is most frequently wasted. If the world continues to use and misuse water at this alarming rate, it won’t be long until living being run out of fresh water to use. Of the one percent …

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May 02

How to Go Green With Your Oral Hygiene Routine

When you think of ways to ‘go green,’ your oral hygiene routine is unlikely something you consider, but perhaps you should. There are several ways to green your oral hygiene routine and your efforts not only help keep the world in which we live a great place, but also improve your smile. Here are a …

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Feb 19

5 Ways To Conserve Water In The Home And Yard

Just one leaking pipe can cost you thousands of dollars and waste a huge amount of water. You can lose 1,500 liters of water an hour if a pipe bursts! Research shows that Australian households spent more than $5 billion dollars on water in 2013 – 2014! That’s a huge amount of water. Here are …

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Aug 25

Its Easy Being Green – Transforming Your Home Into an Eco Haven

In the past, we could claim ignorance regarding the negative impact that certain human activities had on the Earth. We didn’t realize the drastic results that burning fossil fuels would have on the environment; we were unaware of how factory farming produced excessive methane which would work towards destroying the ozone layer; we didn’t consider …

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Sep 28

Humanities Plastic Addition: Saving Our Ocean

Plastic is having a devastating effect on our oceans, our wildlife and ultimately on us as a human species. The introduction of plastic in the 20th century has led us to become increasingly reliant on its use and now a large percentage of almost everything we buy contains plastic. However, while we are happy to …

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Nov 20

11 Easy Water-Saving Tips & Tricks

In our developed country, sometimes it can be hard to remember that water conservation is an important part of keeping our resources sustainable as the global population grows. And although our blue planet is covered in water, less than one percent is actually available to us for consumption. And that limited resource is an important …

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Sep 16

Going Green with HVAC System

If you are wanting to start going green and don’t know where to start. You HVAC system would be a great start. There are many ways that you can help save planet earth just within your HVAC system. You can purchase re-usable air filters, cut your thermostat down, and close your windows and doors. Most …

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Sep 08

How to Dispose of Your Computer in an Eco-Friendly Way

It might not be a frequent responsibility, but one of the most important things you can do to keep the environment safe is to dispose of your computers and electronics in a responsible manner. Many people just simply throw their old laptops and computer parts into a trash bin and never think about them again, …

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Aug 19

How to Make Eco-Friendly Household Purchases

Many people have the desire to do more to conserve the environment. However, not many of these people engage in environmental conservation, reason being that they do not know where to start. Environmental conservation begins by understanding the factors that make every aspect of the world a part of the conservation process. Also, people should …

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Feb 12

Infographic: Benefits of Urban Forests

This infographic details the benefits of trees in urban areas. Trees reduces energy consumption, aid in air purification and water management. Also mentioned are facts on how trees add to the cityscape and improve the atmosphere figuratively and literally. Also learn about three famous trees: The Survivor Tree, The Oldest Parisian Tree and The Marylebone …

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Jan 27

Why it Pays to Spend More on the Right Battery

Getting a gift that runs out of battery power too quickly is something nobody wants to experience. Buying the right battery for a gift being given, or especially for a child’s toy, shows that the gift giver is going the extra mile to make sure the receiver gets the most out of their gift. A …

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