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Mar 06

6 Tips for Going Green When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling gives you an opportunity to turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis. Go for the green options from start to finish with the help of the following tips. #1: Go With the Flow Choosing low-flow, water-wise fixtures is the single most environmentally sound bathroom choice you can make – and it can save you …

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Feb 16

Using Shipping Container for Disaster Relief

When responding to a disaster, no matter what type of disaster it is the quicker that you can get onto the scene and start supplying relief the better. There are many different natural disasters that afflict the world within which we live. Hurricanes Tsunami Earthquake Tornado Flooding Famine It is essential to try and get …

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Feb 02

How to Capitalise on Space in a Small Office Space When Renovating

So your small business is thriving, you’re taking on new customers and you have a renovation planned in the works. Unfortunately there is one drawback and that is the size of your workspace. A small workspace can be a blessing at times when it comes to having staff meetings, ensuring that everyone is happy and …

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Nov 19

Upcycling – Turning Shipping Containers Into Creatively Designed, Eco-Friendly Homes

Many praise-worthy adjectives can describe the New Zealand-set mini-series “Top of the Lake,” starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter, but fans will agree the atmospheric ambiance was further enhanced by the stunning design of Hunter’s guru’s “Paradise” encampment, which featured a colorful, practical and impressive array of shipping-container living facilities. With one converted shipping container …

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Oct 16

Self-Assembly Homes – The Next Generation

“Flatpack” immediately conjures images of Sunday afternoon nightmares putting together a miserably cheap MDF chest of drawers and a bi-annual re-tightening of every bolt in the name of frugality. An acceptable compromise for a coffee table, but you’d hardly want to trust the roof over your head to your (let’s be honest) questionable skills with …

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Jul 03

Business Model Changes for Real Estate, Construction & Architecture Industry to Tap into Green Construction

Over 40% of global energy is consumed by the real estate industry, which includes constructing and operating buildings. They don’t just account for large energy consumption, but they also produce 25% of the global waste. The demand for sustainable technology is on rise and the construction industry is aligning its resources to provide sustainable building …

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May 15

Building Sustainable Community Housing

Green buildings are making inroads into the commercial space market segment. According to recent surveys, green buildings are on rise in the US. Almost half of all new U.S. retail shops and hotels are expected to go green by 2015. However, there is another market segment that is benefiting from this shift. Affordable housing communities …

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Jan 29

A Look at Carbon Neutral Houses

In 2006, the Government announced plans to make all new homes carbon neutral by 2016. According to BBC News, housing accounts for approximately 27% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and the scheme will significantly increase the chance of making the 60% CO2 reduction target by 2050. When the plans were originally announced many developers were …

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Jan 06

5 Ways to Make the Roof of Your Home More Energy Efficient

As many of us are becoming more energy efficient, it’s totally understandable why almost daily, we find ourselves looking for ways to minimize the amount of electricity that we use so that we can save money on our energy bills. Some of these things include purchasing double-pane windows and getting appliances that come with the …

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Jan 06

Go Green! Go for Metal Buildings!

Considering the rapidity in which the principles of environment friendliness, energy sufficiency and sustainability of any structure are increasing, people are trying to find a suitable alternative to traditional constructions. However, despite these ideas are becoming increasingly popular, many of us are not aware about the actual idea behind green building. Naturally, every time some …

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Dec 31

Seattle’s Own Green Home Guides

Over the past few years, several publications have placed the state of Washington as one of the greenest states in the union. And its largest city, Seattle, is widely regarded as one of the greenest cities in the United States. This can be attributed to the city’s energy-saving incentives, particularly for residential areas. Seattle promotes …

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Dec 13

Latest Construction Software Hopes to Help Firms Hit Green Targets

UK construction firms are under ever-increasing pressure from the government, industry bodies and environmental groups to meet often stringent green targets. Whether during construction projects themselves or simply in the day-to-day running and administration of their businesses, they are asked to reduce carbon emissions, minimise resource depletion and run their businesses in as environmentally friendly …

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