eco friendly

12 tips to make your office eco friendly

Eco friendly or environment friendly means observing minimal wastage and adopting a green lifestyle. By going green we mean using products that are recyclable and reusable, planting more trees and using devices that release greenhouse gases in moderation. This will...

eco-friendly party

Eco-Friendly Ways to Party

Whether you’re planning to throw a party for your best friend or family, there are many ways to incorporate natural materials to your event. Using eco-friendly materials for an eco-friendly party can still look classy and elegant. Therefore, you won’t...

car more eco-friendly

How to Make your Car More Eco-Friendly

Make your car more eco-friendly Whilst many believe that the importance of climate change is overlooked by those in power, the UK government has pledged to make all new calls effectively zero emission by the year 2040. This is a...

living with a disability

How to make your home more accessible and eco-friendly

The subjects of eco-consciousness and disability are not often brought cup in the same sentence as it’s often perceived that creating an eco-friendly and disabled-friendly home have to be mutually exclusive. That isn’t the case. Indeed, with the right approach,...

making your home greener

4 Solutions in Making Your Home Greener

When you think about the sheer number of households in the world today, then your efforts at making your home greener can feel like a drop in the ocean. Yet, changing the world in any respect always happens one person...

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