environmentally friendly

How can city centres become more environmentally friendly?

Global warming couldn’t be any more in the world’s spotlight and with the recent fires in the Amazon causing a public outcry, cities are looking for ways that they can change their habits. While climate change has been the focus...

living with a disability

How to make your home more accessible and eco-friendly

The subjects of eco-consciousness and disability are not often brought cup in the same sentence as it’s often perceived that creating an eco-friendly and disabled-friendly home have to be mutually exclusive. That isn’t the case. Indeed, with the right approach,...

making your home greener

4 Solutions in Making Your Home Greener

When you think about the sheer number of households in the world today, then your efforts at making your home greener can feel like a drop in the ocean. Yet, changing the world in any respect always happens one person...

eco-friendly moving

Tips to Make an Eco-Friendly Move

Are you planning on moving homes in the near future? This can be extremely stressful, and many people struggle to maintain an eco-friendly mindset during these transitions. Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can make your big...

sustainable workplace

A Guide to Sustainable Workplace Design

A sustainable workplace is an office space that is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. It's about using as little of the earth's natural resources as possible and aiming not to harm the surrounding atmosphere in any way. Green...

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