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Mar 21

How to Create a Mobile Phone Recycling Culture Successfully

The use of electronic gadgets and particularly mobile phones has increased rapidly over the last decade thus augmenting the problem of pollution. Environmentalists are of the opinion that if we can’t curtail consumption, our planet will be devastated with the massive amounts of e-waste generated every day. However, reducing excessive use of cellphones is not …

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Dec 23

Taking to the Class: How to Organize Green Essay Competition

Most teachers make sure to celebrate Earth Day in one way or another. It seems like biology teachers are paying the most attention to it. On April 22, they organize exploring events and give speeches about environmental awareness and stewardship. However, that’s not where we should stop. The goal of going green should not be …

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Nov 08

5 Ways to Make Children More Aware of Our Natural Environment and Its Safety

A child today is more aggressively exposed to social media and the internet than he is to the natural environment of this planet. We are slowly and steadily treating our environment as second class entity, while we are paying more heed to every other material substance. It is just a bad coincidence it seems that …

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Jun 09

20 Things You Can Do to be More Eco-Friendly at College

You must agree that saving the planet is not only Bruce Willis’ pain in the neck, at least when there is no gigantic asteroid on a collision course with Earth. However, being eco-friendly doesn’t take as much time and efforts as it seems. Even if you are busy with your studies and devote all your …

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Nov 13

Experiencing The New Phenomena: Voluntouring

While many churches have participated in mission trips similar to volunteer vacations and the Peace Corps has existed since 1960, it’s only since disasters like September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and the Thailand Tsunami that voluntouring has heightened in popularity. What Volunteer Vacations Entail Instead of traditional holidays, more and more people are taking a volunteer …

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Aug 14

How Outdoor Marquees Keep Kids Sun Safe at School

We all know how to slip, slop and slap, but sun protection for kids at school doesn’t end here. Elementary and middle schools (or Primary and secondary schools if you are in Australia) are required to provide adequate shaded areas for kids during recess, lunch and active play, as well for as physical education and …

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Jul 21

Precycling 101: Proactive Recycling

Precycling is the process of thinking things through before buying something. Before buying a product ask yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Will it go off to a landfill, am I going to recycle it, will I be able to reuse it somehow or am I going to donate it …

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Mar 18

Go Green to Boost Student’s Academic Performance

Many students today are struggling with their day to day lives in school. In result their grades are slowly taking a deep plunge. What they do is double their effort to study. But they also have other matters to do, juggling all of these while studying is taxing. As a student, it is your responsibility …

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Jan 21

Trinity School of Natural Health: Educators of Everything Natural

Natural treatment methods have been applied in multiple human societies throughout history. The benefits of living a natural lifestyle are immense, even in this so-called modern age. It’s no surprise that most health professional emphasize on natural balance for achieving and maintaining good health. If you are interested to learn more about natural health practices …

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Jan 13

5 Eco-Friendly College Campus Initiatives in 2014

Something that more people are becoming passionate about is being eco-friendly and it’s for a myriad of reasons. Not only is “being green” great for helping to preserve the environment but it’s also financially savvy and innovative too. So, it’s no wonder that there are more and more colleges that are becoming a huge part …

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Jan 13

Look for a Green MBA Program: 5 Things to Consider

If you are considering getting a green Masters in Business Administration degree, you likely want to further your career aspirations while also being a more mindful professional who can encourage businesses to use sustainable practices in the workplace and beyond. Here are 5 things to consider when you are looking for a Green MBA program. …

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Jan 10

Easy Ways to Go Green on a College Student Budget

The struggling college student is more than just a stereotype; it’s a reality for many students burdened by the high cost of tuition, fees, and books, not to mention living expenses. And while aide may come in the form of scholarships, student loans, and money from mom and pop, still there are plenty of students …

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