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May 21

How Solar Power Systems Can Help You Save on Electricity Bills

With the world on the brink of catastrophe due to the harmful effects of non-renewable energy sources, solar power systems have started to gain popularity. Many home solar power systems have emerged to provide man with an environment-friendly option with no or very little additional cost. In fact, solar power systems are considered the best …

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Mar 02

How Do LED Grow Lights Help Plants In Cold Weather?

LED Grow Lights are one of the newest phenomena in the market. Indoor growers find it hard to get natural light, and that’s where LED Grow Lights come in handy. Sunlight is the perfect balance of different wavelengths. In the cold weather, it’s tough to get natural sunlight, and in some places, there’s a lack …

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May 24

100% Renewable Electricity Tariffs

As fossil fuel reserves worldwide begin to get dangerously low, a huge emphasis is being placed on progression within renewable energy. A large majority of the electricity supply mix throughout the US is still being sourced from non-renewable methods; however, huge progress has been made over recent years, seeing noticeable pushes in hydropower and wind. …

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