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Jun 09

20 Things You Can Do to be More Eco-Friendly at College

You must agree that saving the planet is not only Bruce Willis’ pain in the neck, at least when there is no gigantic asteroid on a collision course with Earth. However, being eco-friendly doesn’t take as much time and efforts as it seems. Even if you are busy with your studies and devote all your …

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Jan 05

How To Build A Super Green And Clean HVAC System

Is your old HVAC system secretly an energy-sucking super villain? That sneaky, leaky old system may be sucking up energy, which eventually creates greenhouse gasses, one of the major air pollutants damaging our environment. Never fear — your local HVAC repair team and their new Energy Star certified units are here to save the day. …

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Jul 24

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Step at a Time

Messages of going green, reducing our carbon footprint and leading more eco-friendly lives seem to be found just about everywhere these days. The information overload can be extremely confusing to newcomers of green living, but it is important to remember that no matter the conservation message, the main ideas are always consistent – use less …

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Feb 25

5 Easy Eco Fixes for a Greener Home

Even if the average adult doesn’t have a lot of time to spare in contemplation of the plight of our planet, including the rampant waste and pollution that could be hastening our end, most homeowners are delighted to hear about strategies that could help them to save money on their monthly bills. And if you …

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Jan 06

5 Ways to Make the Roof of Your Home More Energy Efficient

As many of us are becoming more energy efficient, it’s totally understandable why almost daily, we find ourselves looking for ways to minimize the amount of electricity that we use so that we can save money on our energy bills. Some of these things include purchasing double-pane windows and getting appliances that come with the …

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