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Climate Change and Renewable Energy by Jacob Gitman

The climate change conversation is as emotive as it is crucial. Although many countries are having this conversation in earnest, these efforts are often muddied by politics and capitalism. The main challenge that faces climate change efforts is the direct...

Vent Genius
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Vent Genius Review

The beauty of a home is having everything you need at your fingertips and at the time, saving as much as you can. Heated air is a crucial need for each home most especially during the cold months of the...

saving energy

Best tips for saving energy and lowering bills

Just how efficient is your home? Most homeowners may think their home is relatively energy efficient—after all, they turn off the lights when they leave the room and keep the house at a reasonable temperature in the summer. They do...

roof efficiency

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

For today’s homeowners, “going green” is more than just a buzzword. Energy efficiency is at the core of the most popular home upgrades U.S. homeowners are making. From small projects such as installing an energy-conserving smart thermostat to larger ones...

water from air

Can Water Be Cost-Effectively Produced From Air?

The answer is YES, and WGS, a U.S.-based water generating systems company, is leading the charge to solve the world’s water crisis. In the course of his work, a former Naval Officer named Steven “Spike” Karalekas became aware of a...

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How Solar Energy Saves you Money

The cost of electricity from traditional sources has been rising over the years. Today, installing solar panels seems like a no brainer for most homeowners as the average cost of solar panels seems to decline by the day. However, the...

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