leaving the car behind

Why leaving the car behind is good for the environment

We’re living in a world where reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important. One of the easiest ways to do this is to reduce the number of times we use our cars, opting instead for public transport. In...

travel destinations for bikers

5 Popular Travel Destinations for Bikers

There’s just something special about bike rides. Unlike being cramped inside a four-wheeled vehicle, riding a bike exudes a kind of freedom, expanding your horizons and letting you better appreciate the picturesque beauty of the outdoors. Plus it helps reduce...

outdoor ethics

Leave no Trace 7 Principles- Outdoor Ethics

Leave no trace 7 principles are a set of outdoor ethics that promotes conservation especially when outdoors. These are easily-understood principles where the user makes a minimal impact outdoors. Though these principles originated from the back-country settings, the principles, however,...

being greener
environmentgreen living

4 Quick Ideas for Being Greener

If you’re someone who’s fairly new to being green, then it’s necessary to ease into the concept. Quite possibly there are many things that you’ve never considered could be more eco-friendly because it just didn’t occur to you. In this...

environmental consultant

Environmental Consultant for your Project

There are many environmental consulting firms out there, so you won’t have a hard time finding one when you need them. Most environmental consultants have websites, blogs, or social media pages, so a simple Google search should point you in...

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