14 Effects of Damp on Buildings

All buildings are surrounded by some kind of natural moisture, and some of them contain moisture created from within the building as a result of industrial processes or normal habitation. Even though there are certain design measures that are supposed...


5 Incredible Health Benefits of Green Food

Today there are thousands of diseases across the globe, which is why nutritionists suggest people settle for green vegetables as a part of their diet plan. However, when it comes to eating green, many people are confused about choosing the...


5 Ways That Cities Are Going Green

As countries around the world wake up to the threat of global warming, many are looking for ways of curtailing emissions. Below are five of the ways that major metropolitan cities can contribute to emission reductions in their countries. Royalty...


4 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Asphalt

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions asphalt is most likely a road. However, asphalt is actually quite versatile and can be used for other things, such as tennis courts, the linings of fish hatcheries, and roofing...

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6 Benefits of Electric Cars

Since the introduction of electric cars, the motor industry has made great technological strides in advancing them. With the technological advancements and environmentally-friend attitude, electric cars have become increasingly popular. However, most potential car owners are hesitant to acquire them,...


Can Water Softeners Cause Any Side Effects?

Many people use water softeners to avoid problems that come with hard water usage. But can water softeners also cause any side effects? Let’s answer that question in this article.  How Water Softeners Work Water softeners “soften” water supplies by...

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