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Jun 20

Ecotourism – Explore Unknown Places with the Spirit of Kindness and Curiosity

Ecotourism can be defined as different responsible travel practices with certain sets of ideas in mind. If you are an eco-tourist, then you will travel in a way that clearly shows respect to the mother nature and under circumstance degrade it. In order words, ecotourism is also a part of environmental conservation. Importance of Ecotourism …

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Jun 15

Planning An Environmentally Friendly Funeral

The environmental impact of the funeral industry is horrendous. The average person attending a funeral cannot fully comprehend all the factors that contribute to carbon emissions and pollution. Many of these factors that negatively impact the planet take effect behind the scenes. All of the Materials Used When you analyze the entire scope of the …

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Jun 11

10 Homes That Look Better With Green Roofing

The idea of green roofing is not entirely new but it sounds a little complicated and the installation may seem expensive at first blush. But the revolutionary idea of switching to a sustainable living roof brings more benefits to the owner, the community, and the environment. Here are 10 homes that we love because they …

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May 11

Is Your Coffee Cup Hurting the Planet?

“Saving the earth” might sound like an insurmountable task, but it really comes down to making sensible choices. Sometimes, the things we do each day can have a major effect on the health of the planet in ways we don’t even realize. For instance, coffee helps many of us jump-start our day and prepare for …

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May 09

The Benefits of Chemical-Free Damp Proofing Solutions

Dampness is the most common problem which badly affects older properties. The reason might be that their infrastructure is dated or due to the failure of the existing damp proofing systems. But nowadays you have various processed engineering which protects the outer phase of your home. They are secure enough to assist in waterproofing, crack …

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Apr 04

Electronic Waste Disposal – Why You Need to Be Careful

Waste disposal is an alarming concern around the world due to population increase and revolution in every professional industry. The carbon footprint needs to be controlled to prevent severe consequences to the environment, which directly affects the society. We need to consider the nature as one of our own and take care of it more …

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Mar 13

American Power and Gas Takes Corporate Responsibility to the Next Level

What is the primary focus of most businesses in the start up scene? Of course, there’s the bottom line and the drive to make a profit, but the truly great companies also turn an eye toward social responsibility. American Power and Gas does just that. They strive in many ways to support their communities and …

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Feb 12

3 Deadly Secrets About Chemical Cleaners That You Need to Know

Adverts portray household cleaners as totally safe to use; but the reality is actually more sinister than you would expect. While these chemical cleaners are useful in sanitizing, degreasing, washing, and whitening our surfaces and clothes, they also contain 3 chemicals that are harmful to our water and air because they contribute to smog, reduce …

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Jan 04

Will New Tax Laws Cause More Cars to be Abandoned and Cause Harm to the Environment?

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, both houses of Congress passed new tax legislation. This comprehensive tax reform bill is more than 1,100 pages long, and has been called the biggest change to the American tax code in over 30 years. Depending on your political leanings and personal finances, you may or may not be happy …

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Oct 13

The Most Compelling Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving

It has been long established that riding a bike is the way to go if you want to make a difference for your environment. Cars can be real detrimental to the environment and sacrificing a bit of speed in favor of a healthier world is something that many will take gladly.  However, many are no …

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Sep 01

How Virtual Data Rooms Help the Environment

Any type of data room is any type of secure location where various types of important, and most often private, documents are kept. A traditional room is a physical location where hard copies of documents relevant to a corporation are kept. These rooms are usually monitored continuously to ensure the safety and securement of each …

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Jan 27

Green Business: How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We’re barely a month in and yet 2017 isn’t looking good. By the 6th of January, one street in London had already exceeded the city’s annual air pollution limit. But it’s not just bad news for the environment. That thick and toxic smog that hangs over highly populated cities has been linked to dementia and …

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