Most Innovative Ways of Going Green

Today, more companies are building products that enable us to lead a green lifestyle. Vehicles, gadgets, clothing are made with the preservation of the environment in mind. This new trend is because a greener lifestyle is now synonymous with healthier...

green waste removal
green waste

Green Waste Removal Strategies

Waste management is something every local government must think about. There are so many ways of removing green waste that local governments can choose from. Below, we will look at a few green waste removal strategies. Royalty Free Photo Municipal...

electronics recycling

What Are The Benefits Of Electronics Recycling

The average American household has around 30 electronic devices in use at any one time. Once their life cycle is complete, computers, phones, and televisions contribute to close to three billion tons of solid waste. Businesses and individuals can take...

ethical honey

What Is Ethical Honey?

As an ethical eater, do you eat honey? Ethical eating involves eating humanely. You can choose to avoid animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs. Or, you can choose the more comfortable option; feeding on ethically raised animals. So,...


Two Ways To Become An Ally Of The Environment

While it’s true that we all live and thrive on the same Earth, not many people are motivated to actually take some time to think about how their activities negatively affect the planet. After all, the environment is  always there,...

modular buildings are environment-friendly

Ways in Which Modular Buildings are Environment-Friendly

Hard to believe that modular buildings are environment-friendly? Firstly, what are modular buildings? Modular buildings are buildings that are designed to be permanently assembled on-site. They are typically larger than the portable buildings; the target is always long-term. The two...

green jobs
environmentgreen living

Be the Solution: 4 Rapidly-Growing Green Jobs

Environmentally-responsible people are considering a plethora of ways to be responsible global citizens and stewards of our planet. Many common methods for going green and living sustainably involve modifying consumption habits and shopping with discernment, but there are other methods...

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