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May 21

Fun & Fitness Go Together

Lifting heavy weights like Ronnie Coleman or running miles like Mo Farah can’t come naturally to you. If you lack motivation to work out or doing fitness activities then you’re not alone. Believe it or not there are millions like you out there who struggle with motivation every time they think of fitness. You are …

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Apr 30

How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Remember the days when we had a fixed time to go to bed as a kid? Well, life is not like that anymore for most of us. Although almost everything about our lives has changed, our sleep cycles have probably gone through the biggest change! We neither go early to bed anymore nor do we …

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Apr 24

5 Effective Ways for Mind-Body Wellness

By the time I have come to realize that better interconnection between mind, body and our surrounding is the ultimate guiding principal for living a happy life. Each phase of our life impacts our body and mind. Even every time we have a thought our nervous system impacts the chemical reaction in our cells. If …

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Apr 23

Review: Deep Recovery’s Whole Body Kit

I have been a runner for over five years and over that time I have experienced and still experience my share of tight muscles and knots in my legs, hips, butt and back. Over the years I’ve used tennis balls, golf balls and a long foam roller to help loosen these muscles with some relief. …

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Apr 23

5 Habits That Are Actually Destroying Our Bodies

According to reports, more and more people are getting unhealthy due to one reason or another. Despite much effort to persuade people to lead healthy lives, nothing much has changed with over 35% of the US population being overweight. However, being overweight is not the only problem. A lot of us regularly do things that …

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Apr 23

5 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

You might wonder what good can going through all the trouble of growing your own food do, when it seems so convenient to get it from a supermarket. But only a few generations ago, growing your own food and eating them fresh from gardens or farms was very common. While this was a full-time job …

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Mar 07

Why Food, Sleep, and Exercise Are Important To Success

In searching for ways to be successful, there are pieces of advice and tips that you can get anywhere. But, little did everyone know that going back to the basics can largely help find the answers to becoming successful. There is no doubt that people nowadays forget to take good care of themselves. Living and …

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Feb 28

How to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

We all know it’s impossible for a human being to nearly reciprocate all the love our dogs give us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best. One way of showing our four-legged friends we really care is really taking care of them. We should do our best to see to their physical and …

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Dec 19

5 Fitness Tips for Busy People You Need to Know How to Stay Fit Even When Busy

Keeping fit while you are overwhelmed by a busy schedule can be challenging. With the responsibilities at home, work, and in the social life, being fit often misses on the list of priorities. However, even the most successful people can affirm that a healthy work-fitness balance is an essential part of the journey toward their …

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Dec 02

Could Your Sleep Pattern Be Making You Sick? How to Adjust Your Sleep Cycle

  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1 out of every 3 adults doesn’t get the clinically recommended amount of sleep necessary to remain in top health. You’re not alone if you don’t feel that you have the best quality of health that you could hope for, but even if you …

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Sep 21

5 Habits That Will Help You Stay Healthy At Uni

Whether you are a freshman or have been enrolled at Uni for a longer period of time, studies can be overwhelming for everyone. Here comes the burden of meeting new people, as well as the myriad of academic obligations. The schedule of a student is often hectic, and can wreak real havoc on the sleep …

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Jun 21

Four Ways to Deal With Dementia Naturally

Dementia is a group of brain function disorders that tend to affect an individual’s thinking, memory, behavior, and their ability to carry out various activities of daily life. The World Health Organization estimates that over 47 million people live with dementia, and this number is expected to triple by 2018. Dementia has many causes but …

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