Tips to Succeed in Running a Catering Business

Running a catering business isn't easy. The food industry is generally profitable, but only if you can do it right. You have to win the hearts of potential customers. It would help if you were also consistent in giving what...


5 Incredible Health Benefits of Green Food

Today there are thousands of diseases across the globe, which is why nutritionists suggest people settle for green vegetables as a part of their diet plan. However, when it comes to eating green, many people are confused about choosing the...

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Best Ways to Weight Loss & Going Green

Many people lose weight when they move to a vegetarian diet without counting calories or increasing the required activity. Research consistently shows vegetarians weigh less than meat-eaters. This is because a plant-based diet is high in fibber from plant foods,...


How To Be Both Vegan And Keto

You’re probably vegan, and you want to try out the keto diet, or you’re on a keto diet and are interested in the vegan diet. Do you know it’s possible to be on both a vegan and keto diet comfortably?...

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5 Tips to Keeping Your Office Clean

The average person spends about 40 hours a week in the office. Whether that’s a company office or you are working from home, that’s a good chunk of time to spend in one place. So you don’t want to waste...

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The future of smart packaging reducing food waste

Recent studies have shown that almost 50% of food produced globally will end up as waste before it even reaches its destination.  At some point during the supply chain, its deemed unfit for consumption.  A major factor that contributes to...

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How To Make Healthy, Eco- Friendly Juice

Remember, you can create a healthy lifestyle and protect Mother Nature at the same time. This is done by starting and ending your day with freshly-picked produce to fuel your body and mind with healthy vibes. But, consider turning those natural...

save the environment

5 Tips to Try today to save the environment

Global warming is a serious issue, and the impacts of it all already there to be seen. The temperatures are rising, the sea levels are increasing, and the weather phenomenon is getting more severe. All those are warning signs that...

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