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Dec 27

One Hundred Percent: The Global Push to Go Totally Green

The global push to go totally green is slowly gaining momentum around the world, and many countries are leading the way by producing the majority of their energy from clean, renewable sources. A decade ago, the idea of a totally green planet seemed like a subject for science fiction writers, but huge advances in renewable …

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Dec 12

Coal Dust Pollution – Causes, Problems and Possible Solutions

We, the people, often forget that our planet Earth’s resources cannot and will not last indefinitely. Unfortunately, rarely do we stop to wonder what we are leaving for the generations to come. Coal mining, especially surface mining, causes temporary disturbance to huge areas of land. This leads to numerous environmental concerns which include coal dust, …

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Nov 13

Net-Zero-Energy and Passive Houses

Each year, new technology is developed to help us in the fight to save our planet. Some of these inventions reduce dependence on gas, while others seek to minimize pollution. Recently, many inventions and innovations have arisen in an attempt to reduce our reliance on electricity. One groundbreaking invention is the concept of the Net …

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Oct 29

Biomass Heating – Is it Suitable for You?

Biomass heating is defined as the production of heat or the process of heating spaces from the burning of organic materials, such as, virgin untreated wood, certain energy crops and clean industrial and agricultural residues fit for burning. The key characteristics of a biomass fuel depend on its moisture content; this affects its calorific value, …

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Oct 10

Unpredictable Gas Hikes, Electronic Cars Must Be the Solution

The world; beautiful, majestic, astonishing and awe-inspiring… is running out of fossil fuels! To state it bluntly, we have used up most of our petrol! We all thought that the Middle East, with its vast and seemingly infinite volume of oil reserves, would never run dry of petrol. Nature has proven us wrong… AGAIN! Pitiful …

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