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Heard of renewable diesel? Are diesel generators the best?

Diesel is a popular alternative to natural gas but like natural gas, it is classed a fossil fuel. Being so, it is not a renewable energy source. Did you know that there is also now renewable diesel? Renewable diesel Renewable...

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Fuel in the future

Due to its particularly high levels of Nitrogen oxide, diesel has been in the firing line for quite some time. ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel), the fuel which we purchase at the pumps, appeared to be the solution when it was...

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Understanding the Biofuels Concept

Biofuels are gaseous or liquid fuels utilized in the transport industry. They are generated from biomass. Various liquid fuels can be generated from biomass materials such as biodiesel, ethanol, Fischer-Tropsch diesel, and methanol. Gaseous fuels include; methane and hydrogen. The...

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Net-Zero-Energy and Passive Houses

Each year, new technology is developed to help us in the fight to save our planet. Some of these inventions reduce dependence on gas, while others seek to minimize pollution. Recently, many inventions and innovations have arisen in an attempt...