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May 30

Know How to Keep Your House Healthy By Using These 4 Tips

There is no place in this world that is even remotely as comfortable as your home. The best feeling in this world is the one lying in your bed, tucked in your comforter and enjoying a sound sleep. Even though your house might not be a palace, but it is just as grand as Birmingham …

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May 29

8 Tools To Be Used In Gardening

The gardening is the hobby of plenty of people and in order to work to expert level, the people are required to use few tools. These tools make the gardening and planting process easy and also necessary for hygiene. Spade The spade is a shovel with the short handle used for digging the small holes …

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May 08

Eat Healthy With a Low-Cost Budget Through Vegetable Gardening

If you’ve recently grown concerned about the quality of your diet and have decided to soup up the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in it, you’re already on the right track to enjoying a healthier lifestyle. However, with the price of fresh produce being what it is in today’s market, it isn’t financially viable …

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May 04

4 Ways to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle in your kitchen does not require a complete remodel. Simple tasks such as introducing a small herb garden to your windowsill or composting food scraps will make your kitchen greener. Here are four ways to create a more eco-friendly kitchen that doesn’t involve the sledgehammer. Windowsill Herb Garden Herbs are …

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Apr 23

5 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

You might wonder what good can going through all the trouble of growing your own food do, when it seems so convenient to get it from a supermarket. But only a few generations ago, growing your own food and eating them fresh from gardens or farms was very common. While this was a full-time job …

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Mar 29

Teach Your Children to Be Eco-Friendly – 10 Easy Steps

What is a secret of bringing up eco-friendly kids? To appreciate, respect and love environment? It is so necessary that a baby grows into a responsible and kind person. Here are few tips for raising an environment-oriented child collected by the group of experts. Planting of trees Having a few plants in your apartment brings …

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Mar 21

A Guide to Perfect Cannabis: Using LED Grow Lights

Grow lights are critical when it comes to indoor cannabis gardening. Choosing the right grow light depends on a host of factors, among them, the number of plants you intend to have, the grow space and the growing stage. And why do you need to get the right grow light? Would any LED grow light …

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Mar 14

Is it Worth Fighting With Weeds in Your Garden?

Who doesn’t love clean garden free of weeds? Weeds are troublesome, they give you a headache. They invade the land and suck up the water and extra nutrients from the soil leaving your healthy plant vulnerable to decay. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out between a healthy plant and a weed. And while you …

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Dec 19

8 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Garden

Having a beautiful garden is the dream for many of them, but it’s essential that you spend some time to take care of it so that you can keep your garden attractive, impressive and pleasant. The various design combination, colors, flavors, fragrance, sounds from insect and birds in garden gets attracted to the different type …

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Oct 31

5 Sustainable Ways to Manage an Eco-Friendly Garden

It is easy to assume that owning a garden is eco-friendly enough, but not quite! Sure, you are planting shrubs and flowers and reducing the amount of C02 gases in the atmosphere, but how are you doing it? Some chemicals used in planting may be the very antithesis of what you are trying to achieve …

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Oct 31

10 Unique Tips to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

The term, ‘sustainable’ has become a key word in many industries today, particularly in real estate, healthcare, travel, automobile and electricity. Above all, home is where the heart is; and charity (in this case, eco-friendliness), they say, begins at home. From choosing furniture for your home, gardens design and maintenance ideas for your outdoor look, …

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Oct 19

Key Steps On How To Create A Beautiful Garden Full Of Colour

The best gardens are the ones that make people comfortable and happy. It must also appeal to our senses. So, if you are planning to make your garden beautiful and appealing, but don’t know how to start, here are some key steps on how to create a beautiful garden full of color. The best season …

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