Water: A Precious Commodity

Water is a precious commodity. Our very existence depends on it and is vital for everyday living. We shouldn't waste it and we shouldn't take it for granted. In fact, we should find ways to conserve water and also find...


Four Water-Saving Gardening Techniques

Water is a finite resource. With the world population constantly and rapidly growing, the world’s stores of potable water are dwindling. To preserve our already strained supplies into the future, we need to be much more reticent with our use...


How To Start A Hydroponic Farm

Starting a hydroponic farm is something that you can do if you have a limited amount of space and still want to work in the food or farming industry.  You simply need to decide how you would put something like...


4 Environmentally-Friendly Outings for Families

When it comes to family outings, it’s helpful to keep things fresh. Going through the same routines and heading to your standby restaurants gets old. Here are suggestions for four environmentally-friendly outings you can embark on with your family, and...


5 Eco-Friendly Woodworking Projects

Working with wood it is one of the world's oldest traditions. Man has long since created useful tools, furniture, wagons, and other necessary items out of wood. The tradition continues today although machinery too often overshadows handcrafted woodwork. You can...

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