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green activity

What Is Kayak Tracking

The term “Tracking,” when used about kayaks, has become somewhat a nebulous term. For many people, it has got to do something with how easily a kayak turns. A boat that does “good” tracking is hard to turn, and one...

vegetable garden for dummies
gardengreen activity

Vegetable Gardening: A Seasonal Guide

Whether you’re taking your first foray into gardening, or looking for a new way to exercise your green thumbs, cultivating vegetables is a great choice. Like any form of gardening, vegetable gardening is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable way to...

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How to Write an Environmental Essay – 6 Tips for Students

Environmental protection has recently become a hot-button topic. That’s because the Earth's resources are limited, and people strongly feel the need to introduce more practices that would imply conservation of the natural environment. Environmental essays have been included in academic...

eco-friendly sewing
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Eco-friendly sewing

Sewing is an art that people make using fabrics and threads. Whether it’s dresses, curtains, or crafts, when you make them on your own, it brings a different level of satisfaction and uniqueness that defines your talent and taste. That’s...

eco-friendly at the beach
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5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly at the Beach

With summer in full swing, you are probably spending your long summer weekends at the beach with the sun beating down on you and water lapping at your feet. Besides focusing on tanning and chilling there, you may want to...

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