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Essential things to do over the Summer in Ireland

Ireland is among the most exciting destinations you can visit in Europe. This one -of-a-kind country is packed with majestic history, natural beauty and, of course, a rich culture.  If there is a time you need to visit Ireland, it...

diamond painting
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Why People Do Diamond Painting (Green Art)?

Diamond Painting is a green product. The great idea of diamond painting originally came from cross stitch embroidery. In cross stitching different patterns are printed on a fabric with the help of thread and needles. It is mandatory to keep...

Stand-Up Paddle Board
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SUP: An Eco Friendly Activity for Your Health

SUP commonly known as Stand-Up Paddle Boarding has become more popular than ever. It is a well-known eco friendly sports that is great for a workout, entertainment, and even your health. It is comparatively easy for anyone and comes with...

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