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Travel Green With these Incredible Eco-Friendly Tips

Whenever you plan to go on a trip, the first thing that comes to your mind right after booking the air tickets is packing. It essentially is one of the most crucial things that need to be considered by everyone,...

natural resources
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Going Green – Why and How to Do It

The importance of going green in the present age cannot be overemphasized. We are living in an age when natural resources are rapidly depleting. The atmosphere and habitat of different species of animals on the planet are being affected by...

being greener
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4 Quick Ideas for Being Greener

If you’re someone who’s fairly new to being green, then it’s necessary to ease into the concept. Quite possibly there are many things that you’ve never considered could be more eco-friendly because it just didn’t occur to you. In this...

make your home greener
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7 Ways to Make Your Home Greener

Our ecosystem is fragile, and people seem to be realizing that now more than ever. It helps that scientists have continued to aggressively warn us that everything we do has a significant impact on the environment, climate, and planet. So,...

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Bathroom-ology – Designing a Green Bathroom

Once considered simply practical, bathrooms are places for self-pampering, rest and renewal. Plan your bathrooms renovation to achieve both luxury and looks. Add "Green" design items to give rise to a wholesome setting, which is eco-friendlier. Going green does not...

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