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Consider Eco-Friendly Fencing Options for Your House

When most individuals consider building an eco-friendly home, they focus mostly on the interior—generally concentrating on saving energy and using fewer resources, which is a wonderful place to start. However, you can also go for an eco-friendly design outside your...

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Best Ways to Weight Loss & Going Green

Many people lose weight when they move to a vegetarian diet without counting calories or increasing the required activity. Research consistently shows vegetarians weigh less than meat-eaters. This is because a plant-based diet is high in fibber from plant foods,...

green living

5 Green and Socially-Friendly School Fundraisers!

Is your school looking for fundraising ideas that are not only profitable but also socially responsible and green?  Fundraising isn't always about raising the most money possible. Its purpose can be to further your mission, educate your group members, and...

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