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Small steps to being more ‘green’

In the world we live in today, we’re now more aware than ever about the importance of being green. The sooner that we understand and accept our responsibilities to the wider world, the sooner we can look after it. This...

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Cars and Going Green – How the Two Tie Together

Photo by Bruna Soares on Unsplash There’s no denying that leading a green life comes with many benefits. Some of the benefits such as conserving the Earth’s natural resources and reducing environmental pollution are more obvious. But others are less...

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How can kefir help my health? 

Kefir is a fermented, cultured milk drink that originated in the mountainous areas between Europe and Asia. It is a dairy product that is very similar to yogurt, however it has a much thinner consistency. This is one reason why...

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Be the Solution: 4 Rapidly-Growing Green Jobs

Environmentally-responsible people are considering a plethora of ways to be responsible global citizens and stewards of our planet. Many common methods for going green and living sustainably involve modifying consumption habits and shopping with discernment, but there are other methods...

roasting your own coffee
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Roasting your own coffee (Benefits)

Are you one of the people who cannot stay without taking coffee? Are you tired of buying roasted coffee? Do you think that you can also roast your coffee and enjoy it alone or with your loved ones? If this...

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Sanitation is a global plight

What can be more alarming than emergencies of sanitation? Sanitation is the worldwide concern of the growing globe. As the population in every corner of the earth is increasing, the opposite is the sanitation level. Sanitation is not just a...

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