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Jun 20

5 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Better for Everyone

Whether it’s your child’s birthday coming up or you want to get a jumpstart on next holiday’s shopping, you may be browsing for the best toys to give your child. Your immediate impulse may be to buy the cheap toy that’s being advertised everywhere. The decision to purchase this toy over others, in particular, a …

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Jun 15

5 Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

Eco-friendly products have minimal harmful effects on the natural environment. Today, organic products have become more popular among homeowners. People are more conscious of their environment and health conditions. Companies also use eco-friendly production processes and materials to manufacture green products. Green products are increasingly replacing their non-organic alternatives. However, eco-friendly products used at home …

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May 14

Gaylord Boxes: The Lifeline of the Shipping Industry

The Gaylord boxes have been serving different purposes since the time they have been invented. There are some awesome features of these boxes that really make them an awesome piece. So, there is often sale from many companies to place awesome rates on the reused Gaylord boxes that are too resistant and hardly do face …

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May 02

The Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights vs. Electrical Street Lights

Night travel has become much safer and convenient thanks to the presence of the almighty street light – after all, cases of accidents and being lost on the way home can be avoided thanks to their guiding light. Philosophy aside, modern improvements to technology appear to be affecting even the systems helping street lights work. …

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Apr 23

Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of any green and healthy lifestyle. So, if you are going green, you mustn’t overlook the most important part of your home – your bedroom. Your bedroom should serve as a sleep sanctuary that helps you relieve all the stress you have gone through after a …

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Apr 17

Eco Friendly Washing Machines: Front Loader or Top Loader?

One of the first things you need to decide when purchasing your new washer is whether you want it to be top-loading or front-loading. Both options have their pros and cons. Carefully weigh your options as you compare top load with front load washers to determine which type suits your needs the best. Here are …

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Apr 02

Tired of Dumping Waste? Here is the Best Option to Recycle Them

Our household activities liberate a large number of wastes each day. But is it wise to throw them all in that dirty Municipal dustbin? I don’t think so. So, here is a super way to deal with them. A leading Recycling company is trying their best to recycle the used containers. Stay tuned to know …

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Mar 07

15 Best Reasons to Go Solar

The headline from a publication 80 years ago about solar energy was an intuition of what’s happening with solar energy. Thousands of people embraced the transition to green technology because of the dangers of fossil fuels to the environment, which is global warming’s main catalyst. Solar energy is here to stay with NASA stating that …

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Mar 02

How Do LED Grow Lights Help Plants In Cold Weather?

LED Grow Lights are one of the newest phenomena in the market. Indoor growers find it hard to get natural light, and that’s where LED Grow Lights come in handy. Sunlight is the perfect balance of different wavelengths. In the cold weather, it’s tough to get natural sunlight, and in some places, there’s a lack …

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Feb 19

Can Solar and Wind Energy Really Be Replaced?

There is a heated debate going on for a long time now; one that our daily lives largely depend on. Our source of energy for everyday living, fossil fuels such as natural gases, petroleum, oil, and coal, are originally formed from animals and plants that lived billions of years ago that became buried deep under …

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Feb 12

How to Easily Make Your Plumbing Eco-Friendly

It almost feels like the world is coming apart. California is headed back into a drought and South Africa is nearly out of drinking water. Having spent a few years working for a company that specializing in plumbing in Las Vegas, Nevada, I learned a few tricks to save water and electricity. If you’re like …

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Feb 05

Replace 3 Crucial Household Items With These Green Alternatives

Going green can be a real challenge — especially when you lead a busy lifestyle. It can sometimes feel like you’ve enough on your plate between childcare and holding down a job, without trying to save the planet. But there are some simple steps you can take around your home in order to become more …

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