beeswax wrap

Beeswax Wrap: 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Use Them

If you want to effectively reduce waste in your home, one of the best places you should start with is the kitchen. Food waste is a growing problem worldwide that needs to be dealt with accordingly. If you have a...

energyGreensolar panels

The Future of Solar Panel Energy

Despite the world’s continuing reliance on oil, coal and gas, the overwhelming trend in energy production has, for the past few decades, been in the direction of renewables. According to BP’s Statistical Review of Global Energy, the world produced almost...

proper sorting and waste disposal

Benefits of An In-House UK Recycling Campaign

Dealing with waste in-house provides the UK opportunities to educate its citizens on proper sorting and waste disposal. Before waste can be processed and turned into recycled goods, it must be recyclable and uncontaminated. To achieve the desired end-product, citizens...


Tips to Enjoy a Greener Lifestyle

Going green is all the rage these days. However, this is not because it is ‘trendy’ to be environmentally friendly but because most of us have realized that if we don’t take steps to combat environmental damage, the planet will...

travel greener

5 Tips to Travel Greener in 2019

Travel is the best way to expand your horizons, embrace new cultures, and meet new people from around the world. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to traveling and tourism, especially where our planet is concerned....

examples of conifers

Examples of conifers in a sustainable lifestyle

Conifers are any trees that have vascular tissue and are cone bearing. Some examples of conifers include cedars, cypress, spruces and firs. Conifers usually grow in cooler climates. They do not flower and thus most of them reproduce via cone...


6 Home Maintenance Tips to Save Money

Caring for your house takes time and effort, but if done properly, it saves from a lot of grievances. Being a homeowner, you will need to deal with maintenance issues now and then. Following, we are going to give brief...

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