responsible corporate practice

Responsible Corporate Practice

Often times, when environmental issues are discussed, individuals are advised to change their habits. More specifically, they are told to take shorter showers, purchase eco-friendly cars, electric cars. Furthermore, if take the bus or ride a bike instead of driving....

carbon emissions

The UK’s Net Zero Emissions: Reducing Carbon Emissions

Following findings being projected in 2018 which suggested that the UK were responsible for 500 million tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year, the government unveiled their net-zero emissions target for 2050 The plan, which has been...


Environmental Management Business Idea

If you are willing to be both an entrepreneur and an environmentalist, there are plenty of options for you to combine these two and start up a business that is environmentally friendly. In inclusion, there are a number of opportunities...

green travelling

6 ways to go green while traveling

Traveling and travelers, in general, have been subject to a whole lot of backlash recently when it comes to moving around the globe.  After all, those air miles come at a cost, right? Although I admit that I do use...

Sahara desert is in

Sahara Desert: A Product of Human Negligence?

When someone talks about the Sahara Desert you would think of a hot place full of sand and rocks with low rainfall but what if I tell you that about thousands of years ago this place was full of greenery...

green office

Five ways to make your office a little greener

We’re constantly hearing about the effects of climate change and how it’s affecting the environment. Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing we can do, but by making a few simple changes in your office, whether you’re the boss or...

energyGreensolar panels

The Future of Solar Panel Energy

Despite the world’s continuing reliance on oil, coal and gas, the overwhelming trend in energy production has, for the past few decades, been in the direction of renewables. According to BP’s Statistical Review of Global Energy, the world produced almost...

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