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Sep 28

Humanities Plastic Addition: Saving Our Ocean

Plastic is having a devastating effect on our oceans, our wildlife and ultimately on us as a human species. The introduction of plastic in the 20th century has led us to become increasingly reliant on its use and now a large percentage of almost everything we buy contains plastic. However, while we are happy to …

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Mar 10

Infographic: How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The ocean is the most beautiful, abundant and diverse ecosystem on the planet, however every day it is being attacked from natural and manmade pollution. Every year over 8 million tons of plastic is being dumped into the ocean causing untold damage to marine life, plants and habitats. Did you know that is takes roughly …

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Feb 24

7 Ways Climate Change Is Affecting the Oceans

When thinking about climate change, it’s easy to focus on how changes in the environment will affect the land around you. After all, you rely on it to provide your food, and you may also be concerned about more severe weather events disrupting life in your region. However, climate change also has an incredible impact …

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Jan 27

The 10 Best Places on Earth to Swim With Sharks

Many people create lists of things they want to do in life and for many adventurous types, one of those things is swimming with sharks. In this article we will provide a run-down of the best ten places on earth to swim with sharks.   1) Bimini Island, Bahamas The Bimini Island has been the home …

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Oct 16

Infographic: The Bycatch Concern

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Sep 25

Human Impacts on Underwater Ecosystems

The oceans, lakes, and rivers of this planet form a vast network of aquatic environments, many of which have yet to be explored, remaining more mysterious to researchers than even the moon. Most of the world’s major cities are found along coastlines, and our daily activities have a profound impact on aquatic environments. But all …

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May 06

Eco Friendly Ways To Deal With Oil Spills

It was not so long ago that the country watched in stunned silence as a BP oil rig exploded and millions of gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. We watched as the blue sea turned black, as experts from all over the world converged to find a solution to the oil well. And we …

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Apr 17

A Buyer’s Guide to Eco-Safe Tuna

For most consumers, opting for environmentally friendly products when possible is a no-brainer. But sometimes making the right choice for the environment isn’t as clear as we realize – even with basic kitchen staples like canned tuna. Many brands claim to be “dolphin-safe”, but does the label really guarantee that what’s inside is eco-safe? Current …

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Jun 05

Top 5 Must-See Nature Documentaries

You might be laboring under the misapprehension that all nature documentaries are boring. This is anything but true. Although it’s easy enough to see why kids raised on the production value of Hollywood movies might have trouble sitting still through an educational documentary, there are plenty of offerings in terms of nature docs that are …

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