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Mar 25

Product Review: Grandma’s Pure and Natural Soaps

Do you use soap? For your sake and everyone around you I hope you do. I use soap so I was very interested when I was contacted by Grandma’s Lye Soap to review three of their pure and natural soaps they sent to me: Grandma’s Lye Soap, Grandma’s Grime Away soap and Grandma’s Shampoo and Shave …

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Dec 19

Review: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” by Mare Cromwell

I like to read and learn new perspectives on things, especially about our planet, so I was very interested when Mare Cromwell, the author of “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”, sent me a copy of her book to review. This book details thirteen messages Mother Earth has for the planet. She shares this knowledge with a young woman …

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Dec 12

Product Review: Glu6 Glue and Paste Made From Recycled Styrofoam

Many of us like to do projects or crafts that require glue or paste, but either it doesn’t work very well or the product is toxic and isn’t great to have around children. Now, I had heard companies were beginning to find ways to recycle styrofoam, but I’d never used any of these products. That …

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Nov 07

Product Review: Control-n-Roll

If it seems you run out of toilet paper and paper towels all of the time consider Control-n-Roll. I’d never heard of this product until they sent me a sample to me to review. Control-n-Roll acts as a brake on paper dispensers that stops the roll when you stop pulling, which prevents wasting those two or …

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Sep 12

Product Review: The Konjac Sponge

I’m a guy who likes a clean face and who has a history of exfoliating (and isn’t afraid to admit it) my face. I had never used a sponge of any kind to clean my face before so I was interested when The Konjac Sponge Company sent me a sponge to review. They sent me the …

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Aug 27

Product Review: The Green Cycler

I’d heard of kitchen pre-composters before, but I’d never used one. That was before The Green Cycler Team sent me a Green Cycler to try out and review. The concept is one to make pre-composting fun. You use a hand crank to shred food from your kitchen to speed up the process from kitchen to your compost bin. As …

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Aug 14

Product Review: Omniio O MY! Goat Milk Soap

I’ve heard of products made from goat milk, but I’ve never had the pleasure to use them. That was before Omniio sent me a bar of one of their O My! Goat Milk Soaps as well as lip balm. As someone who actually has milked a goat in my life I was very interested in trying …

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Jun 10

Product Review: Koteli Reusable Foldable Shopping Bag

I’m a fan of reusable bags. They are convenient and dramatically reduce waste. I was interested in reviewing reusable bags and the eco-friendly company Koteli has given me the chance. Koteli sent me one of their reusable bags for me to review. Koteli Inc. is a Massachusetts based company dedicated to the production of reusable/recyclable all-purpose bags. The …

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Nov 29

Product Review: Mountain Rose Herbs’ Organic Herbal Teas

I was lucky to receive three of Mountain Rose Herb’s organic herbal teas to review. As a tea drinker and a green guy I was anxious to try these three products. They sent me Oregon Chai, Vanilla Rooibos Tea and Peace Tea. The Oregon Chai has a spicy blend of organic ginger root, cinnamon bark, …

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Sep 04

Product Review: SIGG Maxi Lunch or Storage Box

Are you looking for a new eco-friendly lunch box or storage box? Look no further. I have discovered the SIGG aluminum Maxi box. The good people at SIGG were nice enough to give me one of their SIGG Maxi boxes for me to try out and review. You can see the SIGG Maxi boxes here …

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Aug 23

Product Review: Project Recycling T-Shirt

We’ve heard of clothing being made of recycled materials including plastic, but most haven’t actually worn these products. I now have had the opportunity thanks to the “500 Billion Pound” t-shirt from They were nice enough to send a shirt to me to try out. These eco-friendly t-shirts are made from 50% organic cotton …

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Jul 30

Product Review: Naked Binder is Ready for Back-to-School

Wow, we are at that time again… buying for back-to-school. You may be asking yourself “Well, I need to get school supplies for myself and/or for my children but where can I get quality products which are also eco-friendly?” I have just found the place. I was fortunate enough to receive some products from Naked …

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