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carbon tax pros and cons
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Save the Earth: Weighing Up Carbon Tax Pros and Cons

We're well past the point of debate. Climate change is real, and human activity is the driving force behind it. Recent studies confirm that dire projections for our future are correct, and every new study that comes out tends to paint the...

save money and go green
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Renovation Tips: Save Money and Go Green

Sustainability is big nowadays but it can be expensive. Brands are beginning to catch onto the popularity of going green and they can charge a premium for their products. It is important that you learn how to balance your renovation...

Vent Genius
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Vent Genius Review

The beauty of a home is having everything you need at your fingertips and at the time, saving as much as you can. Heated air is a crucial need for each home most especially during the cold months of the...

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5 Energy-Efficient Tips for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, the resources are endless. However, if you’re a landlord or property manager of a commercial building, those resources don’t necessarily apply. While energy efficiency starts on an individual level, there’s...

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