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Jun 15

Renovate Without Guilt: Tips for a Sustainable Renovation Project

If your home looks old and worn-out, and you are considering to give it a quick facelift or complete makeover, it is important to make sure you are not causing any harm to the environment while doing good to your home. Do a favour to yourself and the Mother Nature by planning out sustainable renovation …

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May 25

Do DIY The Green Way

Not only can DIY save you money because you won’t be paying anyone to do work on your behalf, but it can lead to your home being more environmentally friendly. By improving your home yourself you can ensure that products used are biodegradable, made from recycled materials, and are recyclable. Read these tips to discover …

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May 08

8 Ways Green Energy Will Help You Save Money

Going green is both great for the environment but it also helps you save some money. While energy derived from fossil fuels can be quite profitable and offer remarkable power, they are harmful to the environment. By making some changes in your tech appliances and a few habits, you can save lots of money in …

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Apr 25

5 Things to Improve in Your Home This Year

Many of us consider our house a sanctuary. It is where we spend our most valuable moments, where we rest from the struggle of daily life and where we spread our love for our family. It is where we make our life happen. However, sometimes we forget to care about like we should. We forget …

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Apr 23

5 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

You might wonder what good can going through all the trouble of growing your own food do, when it seems so convenient to get it from a supermarket. But only a few generations ago, growing your own food and eating them fresh from gardens or farms was very common. While this was a full-time job …

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Apr 02

How Much Does Home Maintenance Truly Cost?

Buying a new home is an exciting endeavor, but many first-time buyers forget to factor in the cost of maintaining their home. Upkeep isn’t cheap, but there are simple ways to budget your money that make maintenance and repairs easier to manage. How much does home maintenance cost? Follow these steps to find out. Keeping …

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Mar 21

Looking to Install Solar Panels On Your Home? Here Are the Top Four Benefits

There is no doubt that solar energy is the way to go for homeowners and commercial establishments. The need to go green is eminent in a world struggling with global warming issues. Apart from environmental issues, the use of solar energy in a way takes care of our finances and improves our overall lifestyle. The …

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Mar 20

5 Shocking Things You Need to Know About the Holistic Health Debate

The word holistic is derived from the Greek word halos, meaning whole. Holistic health is therefore a health approach that looks at each issue as a part of the whole. Western medicine on the other hand, drills down to a molecular level. Splitting genes and molecules to find cures. Here, we will briefly discuss five …

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Mar 02

Why You Should Consider Using Plastic Pallets for your Business

If you regularly use pallets for your business, it is important to take a look at all of the different reasons why plastic is a better option than wood. These days, more and more businesses are making the switch to these pallets because they have so much to offer. The fact is that plastic pallets …

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Feb 21

Stay Comfortable and Save Money with Honeycomb Shades

If you’re looking for a reliable choice for your home’s window coverings, you can’t really go wrong with honeycomb shades. These are often referred to as “the workhorse of window treatments,” and for good reason: they provide privacy while letting light in, and they also contribute to isolating your home. During the cold winter months, …

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Jan 31

3 Surprising Facts About How Much Energy Businesses Consume

Of course businesses need energy to run, but how much do they really need? Our planet has plentiful, but limited resources, and most industries are consuming more energy than necessary, thus depleting the world’s resources. With increasing technology and clean, renewable energy on the rise, companies should start to be more aware of how much …

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Dec 14

Ditch the Tampons and Get a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups have become increasingly popular in recent years and you’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup, Lena Cup, or the MoonCup. They’re bell-shaped cylinders make from medical grade silicone or latex that are designed to collect menstrual fluid. Basically, menstrual cups replace tampons. There are a lot advantages to them that we’re going to …

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