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May 21

How Solar Power Systems Can Help You Save on Electricity Bills

With the world on the brink of catastrophe due to the harmful effects of non-renewable energy sources, solar power systems have started to gain popularity. Many home solar power systems have emerged to provide man with an environment-friendly option with no or very little additional cost. In fact, solar power systems are considered the best …

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May 14

Going Green & Why Temporary Buildings Make Environmental Sense

The ability of fixed buildings to blend into the surrounding landscape and be green solutions is a challenge that requires some creativity by architects and builders alike. Certainly, there are many ways that a warehouse storage facility, an office or another large structure can be made to be less obvious within the landscape of rural …

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May 08

3 Facts to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Power

Portable solar power could be attractive lot of different makes use of. Hiking, power black outs, along with car journeys are common makes use of. This document will discuss some things to consider to help you find the correct item. One particular. What exactly are you gonna be getting? Portable solar cells charge all kinds of …

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May 02

The Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights vs. Electrical Street Lights

Night travel has become much safer and convenient thanks to the presence of the almighty street light – after all, cases of accidents and being lost on the way home can be avoided thanks to their guiding light. Philosophy aside, modern improvements to technology appear to be affecting even the systems helping street lights work. …

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Apr 16

Does Investing in Solar Energy Solutions Justify the Cost?

The average consumer in the US tries to pay their bills on time. Each year the price of electricity seems to be getting higher. There are various factors affecting electricity prices which consumers do not understand easily. Regardless of whether the consumer is able to comprehend the reasons for the inflation of electricity prices, the …

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Apr 16

The Science Behind How Solar Panels Are Saving the Environment

Our modern society has become almost cripplingly dependent on power generated by fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. As we speak, nearly 40 percent of the energy consumption in the United States comes from homes and businesses. However, most of this energy consumption causes massive amounts of pollution to the water and air. Additionally, …

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Mar 07

15 Best Reasons to Go Solar

The headline from a publication 80 years ago about solar energy was an intuition of what’s happening with solar energy. Thousands of people embraced the transition to green technology because of the dangers of fossil fuels to the environment, which is global warming’s main catalyst. Solar energy is here to stay with NASA stating that …

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Feb 19

Can Solar and Wind Energy Really Be Replaced?

There is a heated debate going on for a long time now; one that our daily lives largely depend on. Our source of energy for everyday living, fossil fuels such as natural gases, petroleum, oil, and coal, are originally formed from animals and plants that lived billions of years ago that became buried deep under …

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Feb 07

The Sun is Rising on Solar – Solar Across the US and EU

Solar energy is still a largely untapped resource in the United States. While the past decade has seen a massive increase in solar in both the US and across the world, fossil fuel interests still hold an iron grip on much of the energy market. The benefits of solar energy have been downplayed by many …

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Nov 16

Heat Your Home The Friendly Way This Winter

Winter is on its way in the Northern hemisphere, and every year it seems to get colder as the planet itself heats up. It is beyond time when we need to have a shift in the way we think about heating our home, that is not damaging to the environment. ‘It’s too costly’? ‘It’s a …

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Oct 23

5 Eco-Friendly Home Appliances

Global warming is at an all-time high in the world yet we all know its devastating effects. With people constantly losing their environmental consciousness more so in developing nations, the future of the planet is not bright. Moreover, the world is rapidly transforming, and with the expeditious developments in technology, human efforts have been undermined. …

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Jul 25

Four Consumer Technologies That Are Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Technology is a wonderful thing. There are scientists working hard in labs and offices all across the world with a single goal: to make and invent something new. However, these technologies rarely reach the consumer market. If they do, they’re packaged in a way that helps us live our lives more comfortable and they’re usually …

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