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Jan 09

Roy Clark’s “Ode to a Critter” – Green Message for Any Generation

Back in the early 80’s my brother had the 45 (small vinyl record) of this odd song. One day he played the song for me. That song is Roy Clark’s “Ode to a Critter”. At the time I thought it was a little funny song and nothing more. I forgot about the song and thought …

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Apr 22

Earth Day History Video

Earth Day

Earth Day is the day to get together to share and inform on making the world a healthier place to live. Join us on Ways2GoGreen on Facebook and share what you are doing to celebrate Earth Day. This year I am planting a white dogwood tree as well as gathering up clothes and other miscellaneous items …

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Apr 13

E-cycling: Recycling Electronics Including Phones, Computers, TVs and CDs


E-cycling is simply the recycling electronics. Americans produced around 2.5 million tons of electronic waste in 2007. Electronics contain lead, mercury and cadmium. These toxins can leak into water systems as well into animal habitats. Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and authority on waste management at the Natural Resources Defense Council explained “The problem with e-waste …

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Oct 08

Green Filmmaking With ‘Away We Go’

I just saw the movie ‘Away We Go’ with John Krasinski (of “The Office”) and Maya Rudolph (of “Saturday Night Live”) are expectant parents who go in search of the perfect place to start their family in this low-key comedy from director/producer Sam Mendes (“American Beauty” & “Road to Perdition)”. I thought it was a …

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Aug 12

Litter Bugs Me


Wikipedia defines litter as “waste that people unlawfully dispose of out of doors. It can be packaging or other unwanted items. Litter can be vandalism, carelessness, or inadvertence. Litter is a form of visual pollution. It can harm health, safety, and welfare. It adversely affects wildlife and environmental quality.”  That’s a pretty darn good definition. …

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