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Dec 26

Why Going Green on Your AC is Good For You and the Planet

Our energy needs lead to some massive consumption, but it can be a surprise what eats up the most energy. Statistics show that air conditioning accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy use in the United States during peak summer months, and air conditioning is responsible for nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide …

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Jan 13

Air Conditioner Energy Savings Tips

While cooling your home during the summer months is a priority to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your family, keeping prices low is also very important. There are several things you can do to keep cooling costs low this summer while still enjoying the season from the comfort of your home. 1. Keep …

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Oct 27

How to Choose an Air Conditioner That’s Eco-Friendly

If you are like many people, you are probably concerned about your carbon footprint and annoyed by skyrocketing power bills. Air conditioning in general is often implicated as being inefficient and power hungry, but numerous options are available that dramatically reduce the environmental impact. As each person’s home, budget, and cooling needs are different, there …

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Jul 10

Are Environmentally Friendly Cooling Options Available For My AC Unit?

These days, more and more people are looking into getting eco-friendly air conditioner units to install in their homes, and desire alternative ways to use less energy and reduce their greenhouse gas contribution. The AC unit is one appliance that uses the most energy. Because of this, it is important that you find an effective, …

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Feb 25

What Kind of Air Conditioning System is Right for Your Home?

If you haven’t replaced your air conditioner since you moved into your home, you might not know where to begin when it comes to shopping for a new system. Most homeowners are concerned with the easiest ways to save money on their energy bills while being able to cool their entire house, regardless of whether …

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Dec 17

How to Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner With An Aquarium Air Pump

An air conditioning system is a resource that we all take for granted, until we do not have access to one. An air conditioner keeps us cool when the temperatures outside are sweltering and nearing 100 degrees! If you find yourself without an air conditioning system or would like to try a small project, why …

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Jul 18

6 Ways to Conserve When Using an Air Conditioner

Summer can get real hot. In many parts of the country, air conditioning is a necessity. Be it a central-air system or an old-fashioned wall unit, your home’s air conditioner is a major energy sink and a huge potential liability. If you want to waste your hard-earned money and consume more resources in the process, …

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Jan 26

Myths About Saving on Your Gas Bill

Gas has been getting really expensive over the past couple of years. Economist Richard Hastings predicted it would reach $6 this summer. Thankfully, this dismal prophecy never came to fruition, but it illustrates the concern Americans have over the price of gas. It’s almost scary to think how expensive gas can be over the next …

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