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Apr 23

5 Habits That Are Actually Destroying Our Bodies

According to reports, more and more people are getting unhealthy due to one reason or another. Despite much effort to persuade people to lead healthy lives, nothing much has changed with over 35% of the US population being overweight. However, being overweight is not the only problem. A lot of us regularly do things that …

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Jul 23

Eco Friendly Tips for Your Home

Over the recent years there has been a significant rise in global warming, which is taking a toll on the health of several individuals. When temperature in the earth’s atmosphere and oceans rapidly rises, it is termed as global warming. Rise in global warming has several negative consequences like floods, droughts and fires. Global warming …

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Jun 15

High Efficiency Air Conditioners and Furnaces Help to Save Energy and the Environment

Outdated, inefficient air conditioning units and furnaces can have a negative impact on the environment as well as your electricity bill. These pieces of equipment that do not work adequately, are typically ten to fifteen years old, and/or continually require repairs most often can and should be replaced and upgraded to a new, energy-efficient model. …

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