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Jan 30

Does Air Duct Cleaning Help Your Indoor Air Quality?

As a homeowner, you should understand how important it is to maintain perfect air quality. If the quality of your home’s air diminishes, you will experience an abundance of problems, including increased allergies and even asthma. The bad news is that this is generally a problem that you will not be able to fix on …

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Jan 06

Four Eco-Friendly Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Having clean air in their home is important to most homeowners, and can help reduce allergens and other harmful debris that can damage your health. Getting clean air can be simple and eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the environment while you’re trying to help your health. We’ve found four environmentally friendly …

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Feb 02

How Do We Maintain Indoor Air Quality in the Winter?

Since you spend most of your day indoors, it’s important that your air quality is top notch. That’s even more so when you’re in the winter months as some areas get quite cold. Windows and doors are left tightly shut and make it impossible to get in new fresh air throughout the home. Learning how …

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Jul 24

Turning a Urban Heat Hotbed into a Green Cooling Haven

There is no better symbol of modernization, success, and advancements than urban cities. Cities are sources of vibrant economies, progressive thinking, and the evolution of a country. Yet, while cities are a hotbed for progression, they are also a literal hotbed of heat – which is the reason why urban cities are notoriously referred to …

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Jan 09

Living Homes: Subterranean Suburbia?

No, these are not bomb shelters – although some of them may be able to be used as much. Living rooftops and outer walls are a common theme among those looking for a “greener” method living. Many have actually encased their homes in Earth and plant life in order to provide a comfort level and …

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Sep 23

How Climate Change is Directly Impacting Public Health

You don’t need an expert to tell you that changes in the weather can pose a serious threat to your health, but what about changes that turn out to be permanent? As the population ages, public health officials are growing more and more concerned with the effects of global warming on humanity’s health and welfare …

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Sep 10

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Going Green With Your Window Treatments

Going green seems to be an in thing these days. If you wish to go green at home, your window treatment should be included. Here are some things you should think of when choosing green window treatments.   Air quality. These days, different materials are employed in making various window treatments and shades. Because of …

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Sep 05

Top 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Most proponents of environmental sustainability have spent copious amounts of time reading about air pollution, and worrying about the long-term impact on our atmosphere and the health of whole populations. But many people forget that the smog you see floating low over cities isn’t completely relegated to the outdoors. In fact, due to recycled air …

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