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May 26

The Benefits of having a Good Home Ventilation System

There are quite a few benefits offered by having superior ventilation Montreal in your home. While the most obvious benefits are related to the comfort and health of anyone living inside the space, there are a number of other, less obvious, benefits, as well. This includes a achieving a higher efficiency from your HVAC system …

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Feb 25

Whole Home Energy Audit: 5 Reasons to Get One

If you’re anything like us, then there have been times when you have walked out to your mailbox, looked at your electricity and water bills and thought to yourself “I would do just about anything to get these expenses down!” Well, the good news is that there actually is something that you can do to …

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Sep 11

Should the United States Emulate China’s Clean Water Program?

Many people in China are starting to develop health problems because of the amount of pollution in the country. Earlier this week, government officials announced that they needed to shut down many schools because children were starting to develop nosebleeds due to air pollution. Pollution has also deterred many tourists from visiting the country. The …

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Jul 02

National Plants at Work Week 8th – 12th July

The second week of July will be National Plants at Work Week.  A week in which to consider why it is important to have plants at your place of work. The reasons are well researched and documented as important for our health and wellbeing and our motivation.  You can follow National Plants at Work Week …

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Jul 02

The Benefits of Under Floor Heating

It may be June, but now is the perfect time to evaluate your homes heating system, and make the necessary changes for the upcoming winter.  With heating bills on the rise, along with longer UK winters, many home owners are looking at alternative heating solutions to get them though the cold winter months, be energy …

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Jan 29

How Environmental Problems Can Affect Your Health

These days, the environment is at the top of just about everyone’s list of concerns. It’s fitting, too, because we’ve all become more and more aware of the fact that each of us needs to be making sure that we’re taking care of the planet as much as we possibly can. Over the course of …

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Oct 02

Is UV Light Cleaning a Green Solution?

Indoor air contaminants can be up to 100 times more concentrated than outdoor pollutants. These contaminants can cause conditions like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, so finding a way to keep indoor air clean is of extreme importance. Traditionally, our homes and offices have …

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Sep 27

How to Evaluate the Air Quality in Your Home

Would you believe that the air in your house is most likely more toxic than the air next to the busiest, smoggiest freeway in town? Believe it. Indoor air pollution is one of the most threatening, yet almost entirely unknown, risks to our health in the world today. There is a reason that even residents …

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Aug 07

Green Up Your Home Easily

People ask me all the time for simple ways they can go “green” in their homes without breaking the bank. One simple way is by introducing green products slowly. For example, as you run out of cleaning chemicals, replace them with safe, natural products. You can even make many of these safe products using items …

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