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Apr 24

The Things You Can Do In an Airplane When You Are Bored

Sitting or sleeping on a long flight can be boring, and also draining for that matter. It is a little bearable at the early hours of the flight when there seem to be some activities in the cabin. However, when all the meals are served and you are all up high in the skies, the …

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Jan 09

Top 5 Green Travel Planning Tips

As more people are becoming aware of just how precious our planet is, they are finding themselves doing all kinds of things that would be considered to be “green”. They’re recycling items. They’re composting food. They’re purchasing energy efficient appliances. They’re visiting thrift stores. And they’re even being eco-friendly when it comes to their travel. …

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Oct 16

Top Trends in Eco Friendly Travel

The environment is more important than ever, and it’s never been more popular to find new and interesting ways to make sure you’re doing your part to contribute to and even save it. Traveling is a great way to build your connection with the earth, and is a great way to gain a newfound level …

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