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Oct 14

How to Have a Green Halloween

No, in order to have a green Halloween doesn’t mean you have to dress up to look like Al Gore or a tree hugger. That would just be a little weird. You and whatever you dress up as can be green at the same time. Below are ways to have a safe night and also give a treat to …

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Dec 27

One Hundred Percent: The Global Push to Go Totally Green

The global push to go totally green is slowly gaining momentum around the world, and many countries are leading the way by producing the majority of their energy from clean, renewable sources. A decade ago, the idea of a totally green planet seemed like a subject for science fiction writers, but huge advances in renewable …

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Jan 03

3 Environmental Documentaries Not to Be Missed

Our world is changing every day, and so is the environment. People can deny this fact all they want, but the reality is apparent. Warm winters, scorching hot summers, hurricanes and earthquakes have been part of the earth’s environment since the beginning of time, but only to a certain extent. The rapid change of the …

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