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Oct 31

5 Ways Seaweeds are Present in Your Daily Life

Seaweed are important ecological constituents of the oceans. They form the basis of the trophic chain in the oceans, provide shelters for many aquatic animals, filter the oceans waters and release oxygen to the atmosphere. But, what most people don´t know is that seaweeds are often present in our lives too. Here are 5 ways …

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Apr 20

Five Alternative Energy Sources You Might Not Know About

Although they’re still the main source of energy for our modern society, fossil fuels are increasingly viewed with disfavour. Non-renewable and negatively impacting the environment, they’re an unsustainable option moving forwards, which means that scientists are increasingly turning to alternatives to take their place. As a result, some truly fascinating solutions are surfacing. Although we’re …

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Aug 16

How to remove moss and algae off the roof?

Always keep your roof clear of moss, roof debris and unwanted plant life, as all these things shorten the life of the roof. Frequent cleaning of the roof helps in protecting the shingles from deteriorating. Pressure washing can save your shingles from damage, if done carefully. If the pressure of water is more than required, …

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